Haul: Beautiful Trims from Suhafua !

Hello Lovelies,

I wanted to share my haul from a seller on Zibbet.

I made my purchase from Sabali at Suhafua on Zibbit.  I was introduced to her store through Creative Kelly's video review of the products and just had to purchase some myself.  I absolutely love scrap-booking, to be more specific i enjoy making cards =) and i love using pretty ribbons, lace and trims on my cards as well as when i alter stuff...

Her trims and laces are so beautiful, inexpensive,  her shipping is really cheap.  Her products range from .99-6$.. and shipping with another item is only 30cents !  She also ships super fast !! I made this purchase on January 5th and it took only 4 business days to get to my mailbox !  I honestly thought that some of them were a little bigger because any close-up makes them appear bigger lol..  (Saba's site states the proper measurements of each product) i am just a little bad at measurements lol so i didnt bother to look at the measurements properly.. I am so excited and cannot wait show you guys what i end up doing with all these trims!  I will put a link for you guys to her shop so you can check her out.. her trims do sell out.. but i think she gets more in stock or she just gets new similar items.  Suhafuha on Zibbit

Here are some Pictures so you can see the packaging and products i purchased =).. (feel free to click on the images to view a larger version)

 So the package came through the mail =).. so you don't have to worry about missing your package! p.s it was shipped first class.

 As you can see her packing is very clean and neat. =)  There was a typo with one of the trims i purchased.. she had a little less than the website stated.. and she put a note letting me know as well as letting me know that if that was a problem to contact her right away.. and I am perfectly fine with it Saba.. plus you gave me some beautiful extras !
 Here is a picture of the trims i purchased.  I aligned them in rows so that it looks a little more organized =).
 A close-up of the trims, i think you guys can see more detailing in these pictures.
 and last but not least these 3 trims are extra's that she decided to add into my bag.  Thank you so much i definitely was not expecting anything extra.  I love everything i received and will be purchasing some more soon!

  • Great trims
  • Great Price
  • Fast shipping
What else can you ask for from an online seller?  Overall i will give this online shop a 5/5 !!!

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me except for the last 3 trims that Sabali included in my package as extra's for shopping at her store.  It is 100% guaranteed that i am a satisfied customer!


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