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Hello Lovelies,

So i thought it would be good for you guys to know a little about the one behind this blog =)..

I am currently an 24 year old child development major living at home. I am working on getting my transfer then B.A so that i can work as a teacher in grade schools. I have always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher for as long as i can remember. I have changed my major several times.. i went from Fashion Design to Nursing and now a Teacher. I remember when i was younger i wanted to be a singer and a model but somewhere in there it was a teacher. I was always interested in beauty and fashion in high-school but became more interested after i had graduated and started working in a department store. My family was convincing me to be a nursing major because it would benefit me financially in the long run. Although i kept telling myself i will work in pediatrics i kept procrastinating on taking the nursing classes till i realized that i did not want a career as a nurse. I love working with kids, they are just so friendly, carefree and so darn adorable! I can't wait to become a teacher, i hope that i will become one of those teachers that touch a child's' heart and really help them with any problems they may have.

Aside from what i am majoring in.. i absolutely love beauty and fashion related things. I don't generally pay an insane amount of money for high brand things unless i think it is the only thing that will work for me. If i can find a cheaper version that works just as great and does not give me rashes or breaks me out i will opt for that one. That goes for foundation, eyeshadow, nail polish, shampoo, lotion and anything else. As far as cloths go i will shop anywhere.. I am a bargain shopper =).. but like i said previously if it is worth the money and it is expensive i will purchase it. I have yet to find the perfect hand and body lotion though ><.. so if you guys have any suggestions let me know !! Now how did i get started in all this?.. as most women.. i liked to play in mommy's stash when i was younger. So i guess you can say it started as soon as i can walk. I remember myself always putting on my moms red pointy pumps every single day with her jewelry around my neck and fingers. Sadly, i was one of those girls that always liked to wear mommy's jewelry out and lose it ><.. I was never into make-up until middle school.. the basic eyeliner and lip gloss.. as high-school came around i just added the mascara to my daily routine. I did not get into eye shadows, foundation, or blush till after high-school and fell in love with the beauty world after that.

I hope that this post helped you understand just a little of who i am and where i want to be.


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  1. Hey girl, I was a teacher for a couple of years in Mexico. A lot of work but really fun. Welcome to the blogging world. Come visit if you have a chance.



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