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I am back with a Haul post today!... I love purchasing things on ebay.. mostly because they are cheap and usually have free shipping. Let's get started shall we?!.. I bought a few things from ebay.. from two different sellers..  Please click on the "read more" for the rest of this post =)

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Seller1: qiandingzhensatisfaction
Item(s): 5 2-way nail dotting tool & nail strip tape
Price & Shipping: $1.89 & $1.31 -- Free Shipping
Total: $3.20
How long it took for me to receive: 10 days

The packaging was different than what i am use to.  My items were wedged between to pieces of foam and they used yellow tape all around to secure it.  It was not an envelope or anything.. so that was weird.. but my items were definitely secured.


I am satisfied with all the products i purchased.. The dotting tools work just fine.. and have different sizes on each size.  The nail tape works fine.. just something to get use to.  You can see how i used them in my last 2 notw posts.

I give this seller and their product a 4/5.. shipping did not take long and the price was just perfect for me but the packaging.. they should use regular bubble envelopes.

Seller2: fashionladyshop
Item(s): Emjoi Tweeze
Price & Shipping: $4.95 -- Free Shipping
Total: $4.95
How long it took for me to receive: 19 days

Packaging was a regular yellow bubbled envelope. =) 


I will be doing a separate review for this product.  It is my first "epilator" it is just a small one with only 3 tweezers.  So i expect it to take some patience.  Ive seen this at ross a few years back for 10$.. and i recently wanted to try an epilator but the other ones are a bit too pricey.  So i was going around to every ross every week hoping they would bring it back.  Finally i gave up after a month.. and looked on ebay.. thank goodness.. for 5$ cheaper.. i think i did great.

I give this seller and their product a 5/5.. shipping took a little longer than i would expect.. but it wasnt any longer than what the seller told me it would be and i am pleased with the items.

 Hope you guys enjoyed my ebay haul =).. i have a collective haul coming up for this month =).. so look forward to that! Ciao ciao for now!


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