French tip with a Classic Twist- Nail of the Day (Notd)

Hello my beautiful readers!!

You guys might read my latest nail of the day post... I didnt really like what i came up with before.. so that same day i came up with what i am about to show you guys today!  I realized what i didn't like about that design.. the pink nail tape made me feel a bit off when looking at it.. and since i was doing my nails with my 3 year anniversary in mind.. i wanted a cleaner, classic look but with a twist.. So what is more classic than french tips?!!

*Please click on any of the images to see the larger version.

 This is what the nails on my left hand look like =)

No Flash

This is the other set of nails on my right hand =)

 Natural light
 Natural light
Natural light

Product List:

Cuticle and coats -
  • Nail Life- jojoba and tea tree cuticle remover (will do a review after using it for a month)
  • Beauty Secrets - Pink Base Coat
  • Beauty Secrets - Blue Top Coat
Polishes -
  • Konad Special Polish -White
  • Julep - Oscar
 Embellishments -

  • Mini Rhinestone Wheel - clear/regular
  • Nail Striping Tape - Gold
  • Konad Stamping Plate -  m24

I love my nails!!.. I thought classic french tips were perfect... but i didn't want them to be too plain.. so i added a pattern and gold glitter for a tiny twist.. I was inspired by a picture in a nail mag i bought =).. French tips don't seem to last too long on my nails =(.. my boyfriend also likes my nails (minus the rhinestones).. he thinks they are a bit much.. lol.. oh well.. ciao for now!



  1. You did a really good job! They look cute.


  2. Oh my goodness! I love double french tips! I always ask my manicurist to do it for me. Thanks for posting this I can save money, so I can do it myself :)

    see some of my nails at:


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