Julep Maven Box (February)

Hello Nail Junkies,

I received my February Julep Maven box yesterday!! I loved how everything was packaged!.. It is my first box after receiving the introductory box.. Now the monthly box is a little smaller but that is not an issue at all.

For more information on what julep maven is please view my previous julep post HERE.

If you are interested in receiving an introductory box i believe the penny box promo is still available.. if not you can still try for the 5$ intro box..use promo code "COLOR2012" for a penny box.. if that does not work please try promo code "INTRO5" or "STYEQUIZ" for a 5$ box.. Please note that these codes are only for new customers.. if those codes do not work please let me know.. so i can get some new codes for you guys =).. All you will have to do is sign up, take the quiz and add any of the intro boxes to your cart and enter any of the previous codes.. you can do all that at http://www.julep.com <-- Referral Link (hope you guys don't mind using it) ☺

BTW they are also having a mystery box.. loaded with the most favorites!! it is a 60-200$ value!! but you can get it for 19.99! Please use promo code "VALENTINE".. I hear their mystery boxes are pretty awesome.. but sadly i am passing on it this time around because i just cannot put the money up for it ><.. Gotta save them for the textbooks! - waaah-

Here's a sneak peak into my American Beauty box !!

In my box I received
  •  2 Julep Nail polishes.. Glen & Oscar
  • Julep Essential Cuticle Oil
  • A chocolate man ! 

My quiz results were originally the Classic with a twist.. The colors were beautiful in that box but.. it also came with a hair shine instead of the cuticle oil.. so I decided to try a different box (you are given that option monthly to choose a different box than you are offered).. I don't have a red nail polish.. so I figured this would be a great opportunity to grab one ☺!

*Please click on any of the images to see the larger version*


 The box is definitely smaller than the intro box and is black instead of red.. but it still did not fit into my mail box.. I wish it would fit into my mail box.. seeing as to I am starting school soon.. I wont be home for my next couple of boxes =.=
 Nothing really to say here except i love all the red and gold confettii !!
This time around the nail polish was wrapped just the way they should be wrapped.  In a bubble wrapped little baggie.. So all my my products were secured.

Julep Nail polishes

 Glenn "Bold berry red shimmer"
Oscar "Ultra chic, multi-dimensional gold glitter"

I think these colors are so pretty.. especially the red one.. it really is a berry red.. and is so pretty, i cannot wait to wear it!

 This was one thing I could not understand in this box and my introductory box.. that 1 polish always had the name on the bottom and the other did not... Can someone please tell me why that is?

Here are some swatches from my nail wheel =)
 *Oscar is really pretty alone with 2-3 coats.. but i have seen some swatches on other blogs of it on top of a dark base polish.. and it is even more beautiful! maybe you guys will see it in one of my nails of the weeks!

 1 coat of each
 No flash
 Natural light
Flash in natural light

Julep Essential Cuticle Oil
 "Natural blend of essentials oils and Vitamin E softens rough cuticles and strengthens nails"

 This is my first roll on cuticle oil.. & i have to say i like it.. It kind of reminds me of when i was younger and they had those roll on lip glosses.. lol.. I cant wait to see how long it will last.. kind of curious about whether the roller will waste more product than needed or not..

Julep Chocolate Man!
 It is cute! Chocolate! what a perfect extra for valentines day!.. its like a little chocolate oscar man!
 Indeed i did take a bite.. lol.. even though i am more of a milk chocolate girl.. this chocolate was pretty good. I liked it! Thank you julep for this nice treat!

Overall i am glad with my box this month... To be honest i did skip this month.. because i originally wanted to wait off getting another box.. but Julep had a computer error with anyone who decided to "skip" this month and charged them instead.. they sent out an email right away.. letting everyone know that the charge will be voided and that we will still receive a box free of charge. =).. How nice of them to do that.. I am glad that they did that.. because I am liking this box.. and it has encouraged me to try for another box next month! Till next time my fellow nail junkies.. This maven is going to start on some diy anniversary gifts!



  1. The colors are amazing. I really like how they look. On another note maybe next month you wont have to skip the month since I joined thru your referral link :)

    1. ooh yay !! I hope you like your intro box!! which one did you pick?! =)


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