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Hello my lovely readers,

Ive noticed on luuux that a lot of people were sharing their collections.. so i thought i would share mine on my blog.. since i don't plan on adding anything to my mac collection.. since i havent seen anything interesting from them for the past few years.. i thought i would share what i have and which ones were my favorites =)

 *Please click on any of the images to see the larger version.


I will be sharing how i decorate my palettes in a way that helps me tell them apart without having to open them.

Front of the palettes
I put stickers in the bottom left hand corner of each palette.. that tells me what colors are in them.  I try to put stickers that have the colors that will be in the palette.

Back of the palettes, Inside and swatches
I glued on different patterned papers on each palette.. and just took some letter stickers to spell out what colors are inside each palette.  Again, I tried to use papers that have similar colors to those inside the palette.  I also added ribbons, just to give it a little umph!
Colors are swatched by row and my favorites will have ** next to them.  There are about 6-7 colors that are not mac.. that i had to press because they broke... please excuse them.

Neutral Palette
I took out the frame so that i can fit in more pans.. since i love neutrals.. it saved me from buying another palette =)

1st Row: Carbon, **Black Tied, Waft, Baked Smokes (PF), Tone: Grey, Baked Smokes (PF), A Warmer White.

2nd Row:** Twinks, **Satin Taupe, Baked Oatmeal (PF), **Club, **Tempting, **Woodwinked

3rd Row:  **Sable, **Mulch, **Texture, All That Glitters, Baked Oatmeal (PF), Dazzleray Pigment, **Phloof!

4th Row: Baked Oatmeal (PF), **Shroom, Era, **Vanilla Pigment, Baked Smokes (PF)

Pink.Purple Palette

 1st Row: **Shadowy Lady, Satellite Dreams, **Beautiful Iris, Expensive Pink, Pink Freeze

 2nd Row: **Sketch, **Trax, **Stars & Rockets, **Cranberry, Yogurt

3rd Row:  Sun pepper Pigment, **Shale, Sushi Flower, Violet, Lily White Pigment

Blue.Green.Yellow Palette

1st Row: Deep Truth, Electric Eel, Newly Minted, Juxt, Gorgeous Gold

2nd Row: **The Right Smoke, Cornflower Pigment, **Shimmermoss, **Ricepaper

3rd Row:  Freshwater, Fade, Green (NYX), Copper Sparkle Pigment

Blush Palette

1st Row: **Well Dressed, **Peaches, Victoria Secret Body Shimmer Pressed

2nd Row: True Romantic, **Mineral Blush Warm Soul, Wet N Wild Blush/bronze duo pressed

Victoria Secret,Wet N Wild, Warm Soul, True Romantic, Peaches, Well Dressed

I hope you guys enjoyed my swatches and collection!.. A lot of them are permanent colors, there are a few limited edition ones.. but you can always find dupes in their permanent line.  If there are any color combinations you guys would like me to do let me know and i will work on it =)  Ciao Ciao for Now!


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