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Yes i am back with another monthly subscription box!  This is my second glam bag!.. but i am not exactly a 100% satisfied customer.  I only like ?/5 products i received this month, but hey myglam is not going to send out 5 products that everyone will like.  Especially since they just started their company.  So they do not have enough company's or products to comply with everyone's skin type/tone.  However, I felt like this month's bag had very little effort put into it and was very hyped up.

so here is my little review of each item.  Please click on any of the images to see the larger version.



Last month it came in a purple bag.. and this month it came in a hot pink bag! i love how colorful and shiny the packaging is.. but i think it would look better with the myglam label on it.

This months bag is cute isn't it? its a hot pink bag with black hearts all over it!  Although their bags feel a little cheap.. but hey a bag is a bag right?.. Well i am going to get started.. Starting with the products i used first.

Nyx Roll on Shimmer in Almond - Full Size | 4.50$ value 
Pros: Beautiful color, nice price, good amount of product, very versatile
Cons: Fall out, not as pigmented when blended

Each "glammie" should have one of these in their bags this month, not specifically this color, i believe they gave out different colors =)..  At first i was a bit worried about what color i was going to get.  So i am really glad i got "Almond", I love neutral colors.. or shades that relate to this one.  The roll on ball is kinda cool.. it reminds me of those roll on lip glosses back in the day lol.  The last picture shows you how it looks rolled on, i blended out the bottom portion with my finger so you can see how it looks blended fully..  It would probably be best to try to pack on the product if you use it as an eyeshadow, and blend out really lightly only on the top part.

So on the bottle it states that it can be used on the eyes, face, and on the body.  Now i wouldn't really recommend using this on the body.. since its not that much product... unless you just want to highlight a few places.. If you are one that likes shimmery bronze/blush.. you can definitely blend it out on your cheeks and use it as a bronzer/blush..  I personally won't be using this as an all over color on my lids.. i would probably just use a dark or medium brown shadow and dab a little of this in the center of my lids to give it touch of shimmer.

Freeman Facial Hydration Mask in Goji Berry - Sample size (.5fl oz) | 3.99$ value  (full size)
Pros: Very cooling and soothing, easy to apply, easy to remove, very affordable, smells nice
Cons: wash off.. i personally prefer peel off.
Claims: "This hydrating mask with the regenerative powers of Goji Berry helps restore healthy skin tone and improves moisture retention, it soothes and hydrates skin creating supple, soft skin"

At first I was disappointed that it was a sample packet since last month we got a full size.. but, hey, freeman cant give out full size products every month right? otherwise who would buy their products if they were already getting full size ones in the mail lol.  Anyhow, the packet we got is good enough for 2 uses.. but if you have a small face and don't need a lot.. you can probably get 3-4 uses out of it.
 As you can see in the 2nd picture.. unlike the cucumber mask.. this one is not clear.  It has a cloudy white color.. kind of like a hair conditioner but it goes on transparent.  This mask spreads like moisturizer.. so simple! and none sticky.. but it is a bit gooey.. when you put it on and while washing it off.  It is very light and cooling like it states.  I like to fan myself when i have it on.. because i like the cooling effect lol.  I can't say yet, if it restores healthy skin tone, because i only have enough for 2 tries.  I will have to update after buying the full size.  It didn't feel like it hydrated or kept my moisturizer on/in my skin any better than normal.  It did however, leave my skin feeling really clean!.. The reason why i prefer a peel off rather than a wash off.. is because its a lot easier to just peel off a mask.. where washing off a mask.. you have to get up go to the bathroom rinse it with water (repeatedly).. and feel the gooey stuff.. I think i just don't feel as clean when i feel it all gooey on my face while washing it off.. but hey that's just me.  I do like the product though and am considering picking up the full size one when i get the chance.

Premier Moisture Complex and Cinderella Mask- Sample size (.07fl oz) each (sample size) | approx. 150$ value each  (full size)
Pros: moisturizer very soothing and very moisturizing, smells nice.. have yet to use the mask (will update)
Cons: Expensive
Claims (moisturizer): "the cream has the special ability of moisturizing the skin while simultaneously controlling excess oil."
Claims (mask): "This instant mask uses essential oils and active ingredients blended in a secret process enabling the skin to revive itself within 5-10 minutes, resulting in fresh and younger looking skin.  You will be surprised how, in just minutes and right before your eyes, marks and wrinkles will look much less apparent  Tired skin will look rested and beautiful"

 I was really disappointed in myglam with the size of these products... i mean I can get these sample sizes by just walking in the mall.. I'm sure they just hand them out..  I also checked online.. and the retail of this sample size is $0.00 the same as the deluxe sample size.. so why not give use the deluxe sample size??
I like the moisturizer!  It really does moisturize my skin but i can feel some of my dry spots on my face.. and it feels a bit oily.. I used it right before i went to bed.. and the next morning my face felt really smooth and soft.. and the oily feeling was gone.  The good thing is that it contains some bit of SPF (17).. even though it works for me.. i think that they should have sent me one for dry skin.. not normal to oily skin.. since i have dry skin i cannot test if it controls excess oil or not.. =(.. It's like the quiz we took doesn't have any affect on what we get in our bags..  I guess being a new company it will happen.. i just hope that the "new quizzes" will actually be taken into consideration.

The mask is a wash off mask as well.. & the sample is a one time use.  I don't really care for it..

X-out Shine Control (.75fl oz) each | Free with purchase...
Pros: dries fast
Cons: watery, makes me itch a little
Claims: "Shine Control keeps skin hydrated, healthy-looking and shine-free"

So.. Why would myglam put something in our bags that we cannot purchase alone?.. unless we can and i just cant find it except for ebay... either way. i have dry skin not oily.. so i have no use for this thing.. Ill just give it to my brother and see if it works for him.. i don't know if he has oily skin.. but he does have a lot of acne.. I think they should have just gave us the wash-in treatment.. or at least gave some to others and the shine control to others.. i mean really.. have they not been taking the questionnaire into consideration...  I know i said this earlier.. but i really hope with the changes they are making.. that the consideration of the quizzes will be more effective... and again.. why give us something that is a "free gift with purchase"... just don't get it... btw i have tested this out a few times.. and now i remember why i don't like proactive products. it really burns my skin... =..=

NuMe Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions | $100 Gift Card
Pros: 100$
Cons: just about everything on the site.. is over 100$
Claims: "Enjoy $100 towards NuMe's products. Hair tools that will revolutionize your everyday look."

Uhm.. this could be very useful.. or it can be very useless.. in my case its sort of useless at the moment.  It is more of a certificate with limitations than a gift card.  It also expires in august.. i mean. seriously? at least give us a whole year before expiring.  It can only be used on styling tools and hair extensions (regular not feather).  It can however, be applied to special sale prices.. if they ever to happen to have any.

So the cheapest thing i can find that can be used with this "gift card" is the mini flat iron.. it is $115 and shipping is $12.  So with shipping, tax and the extra $15 i would have to pay 37$ extra..  I mean its not bad.. but I didn't sign up for certificates that i can use and have to pay extra money to get something.. i would rather of gotten another product sample.  Just so you know.. other items on the website.. such as the regular size flat iron, curling wand, hair dryer can range from $135-$200.. and that does not include shipping and tax.. i believe most people paid 60$ extra to get their flat iron or curling iron.. i mean 100$ off great! but i know that most people can care less for this certificate and i am one of them... if they decided to give us this.. they should have at least let us use it on other items as well.. i would have loved to try their hair care line or their accessories.  I might give it to a friend or family member.. or just wait till they have something i want on a special sale.

Ghirardelli Milk and Dark 60% Cacao SQUARES |$ varies

This was an extra "happy valentines day" gesture.  They gave use the single squares.. which they both were good.. but nothing different than any other chocolate ive taste.. ive been to the Ghirardelli square in SF.. and i only like to get their coned ice-cream.. it is so filling!!  

Overall I give this month's bag 3/5.. because i only liked 3 products.. and one of the products was not fully for my skin type.  It's not one of their best bags, but they've only sent out 3 bags.. and is a new company.. we will see what happens.  I will definitely be keeping up with my subscription because they are new.. and i really want to give them a chance.


EDIT:    Current issue that is going on with myglam-- proactiv X-Out

What do i think about the x-out recycled packaging?... hmm the only problem i have with this is that no-one was informed about recycling of a previous product.  Pro-active them-self should have informed myglam that they would need to recycle old packaging in order to keep up with the order and be able to distribute their product on time.  If people were told about this from the get-go then it would not feel as shady as it appears to be.  I mean myglam already has a bunch of problems.. and this just adds on to it.  Even if it isnt entirely their fault.  I mean myglam cannot check every single product packaging every month for every bag.. I am sure they trust in the companies that they choose.. but do you think that myglam uses/tests out these products before choosing them for their "glammies".. or do they just sit around and look at companies that send them emails to sponsor them in their monthly bags.. Just a general question.. not specifically my thoughts.

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