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I have been wanting a Clarisonic for a long time.. but its just too pricey for me to put the money up for it. Even though the reviews are good and it sounds like a good investment.. like many products the Clarisonic does have cheaper dupes.  The Sirius Sonic is one of them =).. I was doing some research on some products that could be similar to the Clarisonic..  and I decided that i wanted the Sirius Sonic.. mainly because it is only 49$ (53.04$ with tax).. and of course because it comes with different types of heads that caught my attention.  So lets get on with the review shall we?

*This item was a gift for christmas from my boyfriend =).. since he knew i have been wanting something like this for a long time.  This review is 100% my own opinions.  I am just reviewing and sharing a product I use; I have nothing to do with the company itself.

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Packaging  & Shipping
  • After purchasing the Sirius Sonic online, I received an "confirmation for order" email.. which contained my receipt and letting me know that my items will be shipped within 1-2 business days.. and that was it.  No additional emails were sent containing a tracking number or anything.  I also was not sure how I was receiving my package.  So for those of you guys thinking about getting this product.. just know that it is delivered with your regular mail.  I received it about 2-3 weeks after I purchased it.  As you can see from the pictures below it came in a regular brown box.. and the box itself was inside covered in bubble wrap.

Sirius Sonic
Comes with:
  • Normal brush head (black and white)
  • Sensitive brush head (white)
  • Hydration applicator (sponge)
  • Exfoliation applicator (sponge)
  • Massage applicator (tone)
  • A base to hold your sonic
  • 2 AA batteries (already placed inside the sonic)
Note since this product is battery operated I recommend buying some rechargeable batteries for when you are ready to change batteries.  I have had my sonic for about 3wks-1 month.. and the battery still seems to be good.  Seeing as you are only suppose to use it for 1 min 2x a day.  So the battery should last you for quite some time.

Before purchasing this product i use to use the Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush (25$).. i have been using that for years.. before i knew about any of these sonics.. and it was doing a great job.. however after using the sirius sonic my face feels a lot cleaner and my moisturizer and toner absorb a lot better now.. leaving my skin in great condition.

Now with the siruis sonic you are suppose to use it for 1 minute in the morning and 1 minute at night.  It does not have an automatic timer, so you have to rely on yourself.  I will admit that I usually go over a couple of more seconds around my nose and cheeks, since those are my problem areas.

Sensitive and Original brush heads

  • I usually consider my skin as sensitive, so I went ahead and used the sensitive brush head first.. but i noticed a little bit of irritation on the top part of my cheek.. so i went for the original and it works a lot better on my skin.  So i recommend trying both brush heads to see which one works with your skin.  I LOVE this thing!!.. I did a full face make up to test this thing out.  I took my makeup wipe and wiped my makeup as much as I could, then went ahead and used the brush.. and to my astonishment it had my left over foundation residue on the brush head.  After I cleaned the brush head.. I went ahead and tried it again.. and during the 2nd time around there was no residue at all on the brush!  It really does deep clean your skin 10x better than manually washing your face.  The brush heads are very easy to clean.  All you do is rinse it under warm water and it is clean.  Do not forget to deep clean it at least once a week.
  • P.S: It vibrates on its own.. and the brush head does not spin.  Do not push it against your skin.  Just hold it lightly against your skin moving it in circles and let it do its thang! =) 

Hydration & Exfoliation head
  •  The purpose of these 2 heads are to help penetrate your products into your skin more and deeper into the layers of your skin.  Also help brighten and reduce the appearance of your imperfections.
  • These two heads are the sponge type heads that are included in the package.  I have tried hydration sponge and I do like it.  However, I do not use it every single time.  Sometimes I feel like the sponge soaks up some of the moisturizer.  I am not sure if this is how you are originally suppose to use it but.. i recommend putting on your moisturizer onto your face with clean hands.. wait a few secs.. then use the hydration head.  After using the hydration brush, when I touch my face it does feel really soft; like when you put lotion on your skin after a shower.  The hydration head does get dirty quite fast.. so if you use it daily i recommend washing it every 2-3 days.  I have not used the exfoliation head at all.  It is exactly like the hydration head.  So i just consider it a backup of the hydration head.  Another reason i do not use the exfoliation head is because i think the original brush head is a good enough exfoliator itself.  I do not think I will be purchasing additional hydration heads after I am done with the ones that came in the box. They honestly feel like those makeup wedge sponges.. just a bit firmer.

Toner & Massage head
  • The purpose of the toner head is to tighten the muscles around your face and leave your skin feeling more refreshed and energized.
  • To be honest I have not used this brush head as much as I should.  I have only used it about 3x.  I think that in order to actually notice any muscles tightening i need to use it everyday for at least 2 wks- 1 month.  I personally do not see a use for it.  But my cheeks and the side of my face have been getting a little chubby so hopefully i remember to to use it every day.  From today on i will use the toner head and update this post after 2 wks-1 month.. I take the blogger scouts swear ! (^-^)v

 Overall opinon
I am very satisfied with this product and the price.  I recommend this to anyone that is like me and just cannot fork over 90-100+ dollars for a clarisonic and want something cheaper.  I mean for a skin product that comes with a base stand and 5 interchangeable heads just for 49$.. Its not a bad deal at all.. in fact I would say it is a great deal!  I give it a 4/5.  The only reason i give it a 4 instead of a 5 is because the hydration and exfoliation heads seem exactly alike to me as well as the only place I can buy replacement heads is online.  Other than that I would give everything else a 5.  What more can i say?  It does exactly what it is meant to do with no disappointment.

However if 50$ is still a bit steep for you, there are some other cheaper dupes.  Please look up reviews before purchasing these products, since I do not own any of these products.
  •  Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System: (30$) found at various drugstores
  •  Pretika Sonic Dermabrasion Facial Care System: I saw it for around 30$ at marshalls
  • Nutra-sonic: Prices vary but you can find it for a lower price than the clarisonic


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EDIT: I just received an email stating that this company will have a 14%off discount code for valentines day!!.. so you can get this product even cheaper ! use promo code "SIRIUSVDAY" expires Feb 14, 2012


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