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Hello Beautiful People! =)

So i thought i would try to do weekly updates.. aside from the regular beauty posts.. This will act for a "what's going on in my personal life".. =).. ill just be posting on times i go out, or things going on with school.. only if it's semi interesting =).. most of the time i do nothing lol.. so i will not be doing this every week.  The theme for this weeks update is "My 3 year Anniversary"

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My boyfriend worked on our anniversary.. so we celebrated the night before.  Sadly our plan didn't go as planned.. because my mom made us cook for everyone in the house.. and initially we wanted to just make a meal for ourselves.. so that kind of prolonged the cooking process.. and we ended up eating later than we planned.  We were both really hungry by the time our food was done.. so i forgot to take pictures of our meal.  We had our dinner on top of my roof.. its a flat platform that over looks Los Angeles.  A very pretty view.. but because i just moved here.. and we dont have a table or chairs yet.. we sat on our swing and used a shelving storage as our table. 

Our dinner:
We had Rib eye steaks on the bbq grill with shrimp kebab also cooked on the grill.  For our side dishes we had cauliflower with cheese for the first time and -in opera voice- I loooved it.  We also had herbed potatos.  Which are just choped up and baked with butter, pepper&salt and basil or rosemary.

Our desert:
We kind of fell asleep after our dinner lol.. so we didn't get to eat our desert till the day after and we had a red velvet cake that i made.. inspired by recipegirl .. I saw a post on luuux of a cake that directed me to this blog.. and i thought it was a good-looking cake.. so i made one myself =).. instead of candy on top. i decided to make cake balls/pops without the stick =)

My gifts to him:
 I made him rice krispies!! they were yummy lol.. I packaged each one individually in plastic baggies and put them in a little box.  Some were krispy pops others were just regular.  I got the boxes from bath & body works.  They are thoseboxes that hold the wallflower things.  They had them for 75% off.. so i grabbed myself 2.  I usually make him a beautiful card.. but since i did that the past 2 years.. i wanted to do something different and made a message in a bottle.  I was looking around for ideas.. and then came across CreativeKelly's Video and loved it.. so i made it just like hers.. except i changed a few things =)  I personally tea dyed the lace and paper.. to give it a vintage look.


His Gifts to me:
So to begin he sent me 2 envelopes through the mail.  The first one he was in a rush so he wrote it wrong lol.. the 2nd one.. came a little late ><.. lol.. he planned to send me one word per day.. but his plan messed up... either way it was sweet and cute of him to do this =)... next he gave me a juicer.. which he says is not a gift.. because he was going to get it for me anyway... and my favorite is a crystal trophy!  It is so beautiful.. i was really surprised when i opened this.. because for 1, i wasn't expecting anything but flowers.. and it shows that he really does listen to me =).  
The back-story of the trophy is.. we were watching an awards show.. and i was sitting there saying how i would love to win a trophy.. and that i have never won anything before (minus school talent show).. but that was a cheap trophy lol.. and i was saying how i would like a crystal one because they look prettier.  And check him out.. he got me one!!  There is a typo.. which he went back to try to get fixed.. but they were trying to charge half of what he originally paid for the whole thing.. and i said forget it.. there was no point in paying more for getting something fixed that they messed up on...

Our dinner/day didnt exactly go the way we expected or wanted.. but in the end we were in each others presence.. and that's all that matters.  The reason why i made this my weekly update is because i was planning and working on my stuff for this day all week =)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. Ciao ciao for now!


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