Emjoi Tweeze Review & Photos

I am back with another review.  A while back I posted a haul with this product.. and said i would review it.  It is a long overdue review but i really wanted to test and see it in action.  So here it is..

Please read on for more details and pictures.

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"The Emjoi® Tweeze is the painless tweezer that makes tweezing easy. It is designed to remove even the smallest and finest hair the first time, with pinpoint precision. The Emjoi® Tweeze lets you remove hair anywhere, with no scratching, pulling or irritation like standard tweezers. Since it is battery operated and petite, you can keep it with you at all times, for touchable, smooth skin wherever you are."

First Impression/Thoughts
How great is this.. an inexpensive epilator.. I have got to try it!.. no pain no gain! =)

It comes in one of those plastic packages that you have to cut open in order to open it.  It is about the same height as my blackberry maybe an inch taller.  Petite, has a good handle to it, so it is very controllable.  It has a total of 3 tweezers in a single vertical column.. but it works fast.  Comes with the tweeze itself and a single brush.  I cannot remember if the batteries were included or not.. but i think they were not included.

How does it work? Does it work?
It "tweezes" the hair out in whatever area you use it in.  You can use it anywhere but your eyebrows... I mean you can use it near your eyebrows but you might mess it up.  I like to use it above my eyebrows and in-between them to clean up the stray hairs.

I have used it on my arm, face and under arms.  I mainly use it on my face and under arms.  I have tried it on my arms.. but it takes too long.

You can see below how well it takes the hair out!...  I had hair on my side burns and i trimmed them to show you guys how it worked.  You can clearly see that it took out an amazing amount of hair.  It did leave redness.. but it was my first time.. so that is bound to happen.

Here is where i used it on my arm.. it left redness and red dots on my arm.. but like i said.. it was my first time.. so my skin was not use to it.  It did go away after about 5 minutes or so.

Is it painful?
It wasn't as painful as i thought it would be.  I'm not going to lie.. if your skin if sensitive to pain it is going to hurt.. but your skin will adjust to it and get use to it.  My skin i think was already use to it after a couple of minutes.

Is it worth it?
Uhm.. if you were to buy it off their website.. or anywhere else for 10$ or more.. then i say no.  Since i only paid $4.95.. I think it's worth it..  I don't think it lives up to all it's claims.. It works best the longer the hair is.. I noticed that it doesn't tweeze some of my hairs.  If they are too thin or too short.  I also have to go over the same spot a couple of times to make sure it pulls the hairs.. Since there are only 3 tweezers and they are in a row back to back.. you have to angle the tweeze correctly (in a 90 degree angle)

It is best to be used on your underarms and your face (IE: lip-stache... facial hair).. any little spots that have hair you want to get rid of.  If you want to do your arms or legs.. I say save your money and invest in one that has more tweezers.  Which is what i am going to do.  It's great to take when you travel because its so petite.. and it is easy to store.  Sometimes when i use it for a long time.. it slows down.. and I have to wait a couple of minutes before the speed goes back to normal.

Where can you buy it?
You can get this on their website for emjoi.com $19.95 or you can search for it on ebay and get it for $5-$10.. varies by seller.  I know that they use to sell it at Ross and Marshalls for about $7-$10.. but I haven't seen it lately.

I like it but i don't love it.  I like the fact that it makes tweezing faster and easier.. but at times I do have to tweeze manually the hairs that it missed and does not grab.  For $5.. I am satisfied and glad that I tried it but I will be saving to get a faster one with more tweezers.

I hope you enjoyed this review.. comment down below if you have tried this.. or any epilator and share your story =)


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