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I am back with another post!! I was at target not long ago an they had a clearance sale on the infallible lipstick line!.. since i have been wanting to try it for so long i decided to get myself one.  Sadly they did not have the one i wanted "Beyonce".. all they had left were the non-star ones and the "Eva Longloria" one.. i went ahead and grabbed the "Andie's Rose"... Luckily i found it in a clearance basket near the pharmacy! lol..

First off i am in love with this color!!.. It really does stay on all day.. Read on for more info =)

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Packaging As you can see in the first picture above it is made out of a plastic silver cover that doubles up as a mirror, so that you can see yourself when applying the lip colour.

 The 1 & 2 help you remember which one to do first =).. just incase you happen to forget.

 I love the concept they came up with for this product.  All you do is slide it up to use it..  you just slide it up one after another.. or both at the same time if you like.. but trust me it would be easier one at a time lol.. I love that it has a stop point and doesn't slide all the way out.  Its also the type of product that will just slide up and down whenever it wants.. the hinges inside seem very sturdy and reliable.

Lip Brush
I think the brush that comes with this product gives me a lot of handle and control.  Its not too small or big.. its just right for my lips.  The brush is slightly bent.. the same angle as a lipstick.. so it makes it easier to apply.  The tip is slimmer as well.. so its easier to get a precise application, especially while outlining your cupids bow.  The conditioner is your typical lip balm.  A transparent, vanilla scented moisturizing balm. =)

It is sticky when you first apply it.  So i recommend not smacking or rubbing your lips together until it is completely dry, which should take about 2-3 minutes.  I like to put 2 coats on.  If you're like me and want to use 2 coats, apply the 2nd coat after the first one is dry.  It seems like it is more opaque and has more coverage if i put 2 coats rather than just 1.

i also recommend slightly putting on lipbalm on your lips when wiping it clean so that they are soft and moistuzed. You dont want to apply this to dry lips. It will only enhance the dryness. The other con to this is.. that it settles into the creases or lines on your lips.. they should come up with a lip primer.. lol.. if they dont have one already!  Once i put on the lip balm it feels a lot better.  Maybe loreal will come out with a formula that is more hydrating on the lip colour and not just relying on the balm.  But then again, maybe the drying affect of the color is what makes it stay on so long.

 1 coat

 2 coats

1 coats, with balm

1 coat

2 coats, with balm

Here is the balm after applying it on top of the lip colour.  No transfer!! how amazing is that!

Lasting Power
Loreal claims that the lip colour should last up to 16 hours and i have to say it lasts a really long time.  Not sure if it lasts 16 hours because i didn't wear it for the full 16 hours, but it did last all day.  Even after drinking water, juice and eating it still stayed on.  It can just rub it off with my finger at the end of the day, if i continuously rub it, be it comes off instantly with make up remover.

- blot blot blot -
all smiles, woot no transfer again!.. love the metallic sheen it gives me as well.

At the end of the day i love this product.  I am glad that i finally got the chance to try it out and cannot wait to get myself some more.  I may even try their other lipsticks from this line.  I think they can range from 9-12$ original price depending on where you get them.  You can get them at drugstores, target, ulta.. and other places that sell loreal.  I recommend waiting to get them during a promo sale or something.  Maybe a buy 1 get 1 promo or when they have another clearance sale. =).. i will be waiting for that target clearance sale.. i believe i got mine for about $5 something..  not bad right?.. Ciao Ciao for now.


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