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I have been trying out every flavor from Stash that was provided in their sample box from my Love voxbox =)..  Read on to find out what i had with my tea and which ones were my least and most favorites =)

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First Impression/Thoughts
I love tea!... was so excited to try something different.  I usually drink green or jasmine tea.. so a chance to try a more fruity flavor made me very happy.

was just a box with 9 flavors, 2 of each flavor was provided.  The packaging of the tea bags are very colorful =).. i liked that.. it made it easier to differentiate the different teas..

Acai Berry

Blueberry Superfruit
One of my favorites.. I drank it while studying.. its perfect for that.  I would love to get more of this one. I have to say this is one that i actually fully finished!

I hear chamomile is good if you cannot sleep =).. not sure if its the flavor or the warmth of the tea itself.. but it did make me sleepy lol.

Cinnamon Apple
Not one of my favorites but was tasty.  I taste like an apple pie or cinnabon.

Lemon Ginger
This is good if you have a sore/scratchy throat.. but i did not like the flavor at all.. but you have to do what you have to in order to get well right?

Licorice Spice
I didn't like this one at all.. but i don't really like licorice flavors ><.. if you love licorice then this is probably for you!

Mango Passionfruit
I drank a little.. then actually fell asleep and woke up to this next me cold.. let me tell you... i think it taste better cold then hot =).. just add some ice and voila.. ice mango passionfruit tea!

If you've read any of my other posts that had mint in it.. then you know i don't like it ><... sorry i didn't like this.. its pure peppermint ><.. taste like mint gum! maybe it would have been better in hot coco!

Wild Raspberry Hibiscus
This was also one of my favorites!! I think i just like all the fruity flavors lol

Where can you buy it?
You can get it at grocery stores, tea and coffee shops, club stores, mass merchandisers, natural foods stores, and online at

I like the multiple flavors.. i will be dropping by the grocery store to see if they sell them by the flavors or just a pack =).. there are specific flavors i would like to pick u... i really want to try the morroccan mint.. my friend says it's his favorite so maybe ill try it.. i know you guys are like "i thought you said you don't like mint".. well i don't like mint that taste like gum mint ><.. i do however love peppermint mocha from starbucks! =)

Least Favorite: Licorice, Peppermint, Lemon Ginger
Most Favorite: Blueberry Superfruit,

 Disclaimer: All products were provided for free through the VoxBox product testing program by the Influenster Team. Thank you for providing this product for testing and review.  To stay updated about Stash please visit their FB Stash tea and Twitter @Stashtea 

I hope you enjoyed my review on this product.


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