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I am back with another product review from my Love voxbox!.. I will be sharing my experiences and thoughts on the Truvia sweetene.  I know not my usual beauty related post.. but I do show you how to use it as a lip scrub towards the end =)!..

To start off.. I love sweets!.. Adding a sweetener to meals or drinks is something new to me though.  I will add a dash of sugar to my eggs or popcorn but that's usually it.  I will be showing you how i used my Truvia this past week =)

About Truvia:
It is a natural calorie-free sweetener.. It is gluten-free and is great for people with diabetes since it has no effect on the glycemic index.  Truvia get's their sweetness by extracting the leaves from a plant called Stevia.  One packet of Truvia has the same sweetness as 2tsp of regular sugar... Also for people that like to bake 1/2 a cup of Truvia is the same as 1 cup =)!

Please read on for more details and pictures.

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First Impression/Thoughts
A sweetener?... interesting!.. how the heck am I going to use this.  Test tried it alone "Ooh wow it is sweet"... those were my first thoughts when I saw it in my box.

I received a small box that contained 7 packets and 1 coupon.. 1 for each day of the week.   The sample box is flap open based, which means that it is a fold over flap.  Very petite.. you can leave it at home or put it in your purse and take it with you while you're out.  I personally think that the grains itself are a little bigger than regular sugar.  Maybe its just me though.. the sugar i have at home is very fine grained.

Can you spot my Truvia?!

A Quick Meal
For a quick meal.. i made eggs topped with spinach, garlic, spam/ham, pepper, truvia and toast on the side.

I added Truvia to my eggs and then scrambled them.  When I put them in the pan.. OMG! i could just smell the sweetness.. it made my kitchen smell so good =)!..  After i cooked the egg i set it on the side and placed the spinach in he pan and added truvia to that as well.. and then added in the garlic, spam/ham and some pepper.  Toasted some eggs.. added a little Parmesan cheese on top and voila! done in 10 minutes =)

Snack or Desert
For a snack I put some yogurt into a bowl and chopped up some fruits.. and added Truvia on top =)..  I love strawberries.. so I put a lot on top!  It was delicious.. IF you wanted to make it a desert.. replace the yogurt with ice cream, maybe even add whip cream lol !! ooh I can imagine how good that would taste.

Truvia can certainly be added to tea or coffee.. any drink to be honest.  I don't drink coffee so i could not show you a picture.. and i ran out of fresh veggies for juicing.. so i could not show you that either.. but trust me if i did i would have added it to my juice to try it out. 

Lip Scrub
Since this is a BEAUTY BLOG, I could not make this post without showing you how to use your Truvia to achieve perfect, soft kissable lips! =)..  The sugar will act as a scrub and remove the dead skin from your lips and the petroleum based product will act as a moisturizer, softening your lips.
  • Start off by getting an empty container or jar you have laying around.  
  • I am using Aquaphor but you can use anything petroleum based (vaseline).  
  • Grab your Truvia/Sugar and set it on the side.

  • Place as much sugar in the container as you want, leaving enough room to put your "vaseline" inside.  I personally like to have more sugar than "vaseline".. so I put a little more sugar. 
  • Next, put your "vaseline" in the container and mix it until everything is mixed evenly.
  • Wipe down the top edges, just to clean up the mess.

  • Start with dry lips and clean fingers.
  • Place a little of the scrub on your lips and scrub in a circular motion.. you should be able to feel and see your dead skin being removed.
  • Rinse off with warm water and towel (pat) dry.
  • Voila! Soft, touchable lips that yourself and/or your other half will love.
  • Repeat weekly or daily if you like.

Where can you buy it?
I believe it can be found at your local grocery store.  Price varies by size and store.

It's a little too sweet for me.  I am not one to use sweeteners.  However, I did like it.. I just used a little at a time.. to be honest i only used 1 1/2 for the week.. and I have 5 1/2 packets left.. I will be leaving them downstairs in the kitchen.  My mom and aunt are always drinking coffee.. so it will probably benefit them more than me.

 Disclaimer: All products were provided for free through the VoxBox product testing program by the Influenster Team. Thank you for providing this product for testing and review.  For more information and recipes for Truvía® natural sweetener,  please visit their website

I hope you enjoyed my review on this product.

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