Hello Spring...Make-up Look

 Just another day of spring.. Bring out the spring colors =).. Now I am a girl that loves her neutrals and brown smokey eyes.. but sometimes you just need a little color in your life.. and I am not talking about your wardrobe.
Before I begin to show you guys pictures.. I wanted to thank all of my followers on my blog and on my facebook.  I haven't worn or played with my makeup in a while.. mainly because I forgot why i fell in love with the art of make up in the first place.. and every-time i decided to do my make up.. I felt like I wasn't doing it right.  Ever since I decided to start this blog I have been looking for inspiration to do looks for my face and my nails.  Of course, i have you guys to thank because if i did not gain any followers i would not have been so driven to find the passion and I have to say.. after looking back at my past few posts, I believe i have gotten my mojo back as well as my passion for it.  So thank you again for liking my blog enough to follow.

 *Please read on for more photos and product list.

 *Please click on any of the images to see the larger version.

Product List:

The first palette are Mac shadows unless stated otherwise. (You do not need to have these specific colors to do this look.. it is def. wearable with similar colors from any brand.. high or low end)

Electric Eel: on my lid
Shimmermoss: in the crease, blended into electric eel
Gorgeous Gold: inner corner
Cornflower: lower lash line
PF: corner where the lower and top liner meet


Brown: used in crease area to blend out shimmer moss..

This is my favorite quad and my must have/go to.  I use this color in every look i do.  Even the brightest look, i will add this just to make it more wearable.  I do not usually wear a full bold look.  So when i do decide to wear one, I always add this color to my crease and blend.. It really does make a difference and make any look more wearable.. dont believe me? test my theory youself =).

Lipstick: a nude orangey/coral color.. It is from their $1 line =).. I thought this color went well with the green and blue =).. and perfect for spring.  I have to say i really like it.. for a dollar I cant be unsatisfied.

The Look:

Complete Look:

 Hope you guys enjoyed this look =).. See you in another post. Ciao ciao for no


  1. really pretty i love those colors :)


  2. So pretty!! I love the green. And whoa, I didn't know ELF lipstick was so pretty.

    1. I know right =) btw would you mind liking my fb page =).. i saw that you followed my twitter i barley use that lol!

  3. Love the pastel colors here! Congrats for finding your blogging mojo back and good luck for the future! BTW, came to your beautiful blog via bloghop! I am your newest follower, thought to let you know! I'd appreciate if you could connect with me and follow back! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    1. yay for blog hops!! omg i love your blog =)!! followed =).. ill be grabbing your button.. as soon as i figure out how i want my button lol!


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