Julep Maven Box (March 2012)

Hello Nail Junkies,

I received my box a few days ago =).. i love the colors i got.. its so me!  This is my 2nd month trying out the Julep Maven program.. It was a free month since 2 people signed up with my referral link!.. woohoo thank you guys =)

Guess what i found out!!!  Julep is having another PENNY DEAL!! for new customers.. They have been doing this a lot lately i am so happy that people get to have the introductory box for a penny!!.. and that includes shipping and everything!  Use code: MARCHINTRO to receive your penny box..  Want to sign up?! Here is my referral link Julep.com

For more information on what julep maven is please view my previous julep post HERE.  Don't forget to click "read more" for the rest of this post =)

In my box I received (Classic with a twist)
  •  2 Julep Nail polishes.. Brooke and Jennifer
  • Julep Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Julep Nail Filer

 *Please click on any of the images to see the larger version*

Packaging  is the same as always =).. a little black box with wonderful goodies!

Julep Nail polishes
 I love both polishes!!.. they are so pretty.. i can't wait to use them for a notw post!

  Jennifer "Beautiful sheer polish with just a hint of pink"
Brooke "Sheer shimmery purple"

Sorry i didnt take any individual pictures of the polishes.. they are a bit sheer so they didnt really come up well.. but i did make swatches!

 1 coat (flash)

 2 coats (flash)

2 coats (No flash)

The purple polish is so pretty.. i tried to capture its shimmery-ness and sheen on camera.. but it was hard =.=.. i think you can see it well enough.. i can't wait to use it on top of another color!

Julep Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
 "Moroccan Argan oil is legendary for its healing, conditioning, and anti-aging properties.  Use it daily to hydrate and nourish skin, smooth split ends and soften cuticles"
I still have yet to try this.. i tested it and had no allergic reaction.. I will most likely try it on my hair and my skin to see how it works.. since i already have a other cuticle oils.

I did test a drop on my hand.. btw.. you don't need that much (shown in the picture).. just a drop or 2 will do.  It has a very light scent to it.. nothing too strong or bad smelling.  It kind of reminds me of baby oil the feeling.. except its a lot lighter and less greasier than baby oil.  Hoping it won't make my hair feel super greasy or anything.. will do an update/review in a later post.

Again i am happy with this month's box.. but 20$ is really a lot for a box.. even though you are guaranteed 2 polishes (worth 14$ each).. i am still subscribed to birchbox and myglam.  However like i said. they have a great referral program.. not saying that i am completely ending my subscription.. i just think that i will be skipping the next month or so.. just till i decide whether not i want to stay with birchbox and myglam.  Can't really afford 3 beauty boxes a month! lol.. Ciao ciao for now


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