A little Make.up Play Part II

   Back with another make up play segment.  I have always wanted to try doing special effects make up.  At first i wanted to try making it look like i had a cut on my face.. then i looked around youtube and saw petrilude's zombie tutorial.. and had to try =)!  Of course his is waaay better!.. this was my first time.. I as well as my friends are use to seeing me do "pretty girl" make-up so i wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and a little gruesome lol!.. I did half and half or at least tried to

*Please read on for a more pictures!

*Please click on any of the images to see the larger version*

I used elmers glue and tissue to make the "peeling skin".. and then just used red and dark purple eyeshadow, a little red lipstick and vaseline to make the "blood".. It will come out waay better with actual fake blood =).. i really wanted thick blood and dripping but i didn't have things around me to make it.. next time!

ooh and excuse my facial expressions.. i honestly had no idea what kind of facial expressions to make when you're skin is peeling or ripped off.. lol!..   Also my camera died.. so i had to use my blackberry .. keep in mind this was around 12-1am.. so all i had was my lighting in my room for the pictures =)

  • Mac shadowy lady and matte black on the lid
  • Mac cranberry and star violet in the crease
  • Mac pink freeze as highlight
  • False lashes from ross

I'm still trying to figure out the best way for me to try to do photo tutorials with these make up looks.. I know a video would be easier.. but i like how pictures show a lot of detail.. Hopefully i can come up with a way.. i don't have a tripod or control for my camera so i always have to snap shot it myself =.=.. lol..

Hope you guys enjoyed this partial zombie version of me.


  1. wow this is coool! i like it! i also tried something like this for last Halloween, now you have inspired me! i think i will do a post about my look too! :) great job


  2. You did an amazing job on this zombie look. And your Blackberry takes good pictures. I wish my Droid could do that, lol.


  3. Whoa!! That is awesome. Really good job :)


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