My Giveaway Winnings from Blinc & FreeBeautyEvents

This week I received 2 packages!  One from Blinc Cosmetics and another from FreeBeautyEvents.  I won both from giveaways they were hosting.  At first i was debating on whether i should do this post.. or just wait until I did a full review of each item.. but i was so excited i wanted to share with you guys.

 Please read on for more details and pictures.

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I am not going to go into details in this post just because I will be doing individual reviews for the products.  
FreeBeautyEvents (
This is a website that does a weekly and monthly giveaway!.. Anyone can enter them.. i swear not that many people enter.. so you have a higher chance of winning versus lets say a youtube gurus giveaway.  Each week and month it changes as well.  Don't be sad if you don't win the first couple of times you win.. just keep entering.. there is nothing worst than not entering =).. Just click on their beauty blog tab to check for weekly giveaways and contest tab for monthly giveaways! =).. Even if you win something you can still enter future giveaways! isn't that great?  - If you win, they will email you -

What did I win from them?
I won the Loreal and Dr. Lewinn prize.  I got the Loreal Youth code serum, loreal go 360 clean andthe Dr. Lewinn Night Cream.  All skin care stuff.  It is crazy because I forgot which month/week this giveaway was posted.

Blinc (Blinc on Facebook)
Blink is known for their cosmetic line.  Blink does a weekly Triva contest/giveaway on their facebook.  So every week there is a winner.  The trivia questions are simple.. you can google the answer if you don't know it.  Like i said previously the worst thing you can do is not enter.  Im not sure if they change the prize every week or month.. but i noticed that the prize has been the same.  1 eyebrow mouse and 1 eye primer.  You get to choose what color you would like.  All you need to do is LIKE Blink on FB.. then go through their post and look for the "trivia question post" .. find the answer and go to the blink trivia contest tab.. and the rest will flow from there. If you don't see a enter button then the contest is not up yet but keep checking back.  What Blink does is.. they wait till the winner from the previous week replies to their email and then they officially launch the giveaway. - If you win, they will email you -

What did I win from them?
I won 1 eyebrow mousse and 1 eyeshadow primer.  I will def. do a detailed post/review for you guys on their products.

A few other companies that do weekly/monthly giveaways 
(I have not won anything yet from these companies)

Thebalm is a cosmetic company that does daily giveaways!.. All you need to do is like them on FB or follow them on twitter or both!.. and post on their wall or tweet them the one product you want from their company.  A lot of people enter.. so just be patient if you don't win and keep entering.  They post the winner on their fb and twitter page so check back daily to see you are the winner.

Travalo is a perfume atomizer.. great for on the go quick sprays and travel friendly!  They do these daily giveaways called "daily sprays".  They will vary from commenting on their post, posting a picture or sharing a video.  I just discovered that they do this on twitter as well!! I have been only entering on FB!.. now i have 2x the chances of winning lol.  Anyhow just follow them on either social network or both and enter the daily sprays.  Sometimes a lot of people will enter and other times only 2 dozen people will enter.  Just keep entering daily for a chance to win =). They post the winner on their fb and twitter page so check back daily to see you are the winner.

Planet Beauty: Planet Beauty on Facebook

Planet beauty does "Monday Mani" & "What's Haute Wed"..  On "Monday Mani" you basically post a picture of what you have on your nails onto their wall.. and the winner depends on how many likes you get on your photo.  For "What's Haute Wed"  You post a picture of what trend you have been rocking and i think planet beauty chooses the winner... not sure.  But be sure to enter weekly.. they give a goodie bag to the winners. All you need to do is like them on facebook.  They post the winner on their fb so check back the next day to see you are the winner.
These are the pages/websites i go to daily to enter giveaways =)! I hope you guys enjoy and decide to join these giveaways if you are not already familiar with them.

Disclaimer:  In no way is this post sponsored by any of the companies mentioned.  These companies are just kind enough to do daily, weekly, monthly giveaways to their fans and customers.  I just wanted to inform you guys on what companies I follow and hope you guys can win free stuff like me and many other people do =)



  1. Thanks for the info! I love giveaways/contests :D Can't wait for your review on the blinc items.

    1. You're welcome! You should always check my side bar and giveaways page =).. i usually update them weekly or so..

    2. I think you gave me good luck! I won theBalm contest on twitter Friday, though I didn't know until I just checked.

    3. ooh wow! yay ! =).. can't wait to see you what you got <3


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