Haul: Ross

I think i go to Ross almost every week! lol.. I found some great polishes for a decent price =) as well as some eyelashes that had nice packaging.. im such a sucker for packaging lol.

Don't forget to read on for swatches and more detailed pictures =)

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Color Club
So the packaging said Alter Ego Mystery on it.. but when i came home to look online they weren't the same as the ones that are sold in the packaging.. they were a mixture from other lines.. which is fine =) because the picked it up because of the colors =).. i got it for $6.99.. I can't give the names because i don't know them ><.. sorry.. since the colors were from other lines it was hard for me to search around online for the correct names.  The color club brush is the same size as the JLB Brush (shown below)

No flash

JLB Cosmetics
I have never heard of this brand.. ive seen it a few times at ross.. and just never picked it up because i never heard of it.  I love the colors in this set.  Perfect for spring!  This set came with 7 polishes.. there was a reddish orange one but I'm putting it in a giveaway package so i didnt bother showing it =)  This set was around 5-6$... and also did not have names for their polishes =.= (all photos were taken with flash)


I have never heard of this brand.. but i thought the packaging was cute and shiny! =).. the eyelashes didn't look too bad and they were only $2.49, so i went head and grabbed them.  I picked up Catwalk and Bada-bing.. they eyelashes are artificial hair... I still have yet to try them.. can't wait to wear them.. the glue sucks though.. so ill be using my own glue.

That's it for my haul =).. hope you enjoyed... drop by your local ross and get some goodies!



  1. wow! those nail polishes are super cute! great haul!


    1. Thanks! they are arent they?! you should go get you some! lol


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