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Oh em Gee!! I have a little over 50 followers.. THANK YOU to everyone supporting me and my blog ♥ .According to my boyfriend I am a little too excited lol!.. You guys know what that means right? Another "want this look" giveaway will be in the works.. It will feature wet n wild products.. It will be sometime this month or next.. depending when I purchase the products and decide what I want to give away.  There will be a few flash giveaways on FB till then =)

Now onto what this post was meant to announce.. I have to add another class to my schedule starting Tuesday and it is one of those half semester classes.. it's math.. so that means math 2x as fast than normal classes and to add to that midterms and finals will be in the way as well. I am also currently adding driving classes to it as well.. Yes, I am 24 and still have not learned yet! but I am finally getting to it =).

Anyway, that will interfere with my blog posting.  I talked it over with my boyfriend to get a 2nd opinion about this schedule and he agreed.  I have picked certain days to do certain types of blog posts.  Looking at my current giveaway contest a lot of you guys have stated that you want more "tutorials, nail art, reviews, haul and swatches".. I am currently working on swatches from eyeliner-nail polish (which is why i have been lacking posts thesepast few days)

  • Monday
    • N/A
  • Tuesday
    • Nails of the week
  • Wednesday
    • Make Me Up Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • N/A
  • Friday
    • Review or tip Friday
  • Saturday
    • (This will be the day i try to snap pictures and prepare for the following weeks posts)
  • Sunday
    • Haul Sunday(this will be the day i do a collective haul for the week)
So the main days I chose to do posts on are Sun, Tues, Wed & Friday.  On Monday and Thursday I may or may not post a makeup look.  There will be NO blog post on Saturdays.. because my goal for Saturday's will be the day I work on makeup looks, review/tips and gather my haul products for the following week.

I hope this wasn't too confusing.. and don't worry this schedule will only be valid until mid June.  Once summer starts I'll have more time to do blog posts.  This schedule will start the 3rd week of April.  So, please excuse me for the lack of posts recently.  This week i will be doing small posts for example "whats in my purse/school bag, Pantene shampoo.conditioner review, collective haul and hopefully a notw.. if I get around to doing my nails this week."

Thank you again for all the support =)


  1. Wild products.. It will be sometime this month or next.. depending when I purchase the products and decide what I want to give away.


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