Collective Haul 2

Hey guys I missed Sunday's Collective Haul.. but here it is!! Sunday Haulin' on Tuesday =).. Some of the items I purchased and others are ones I received in giveaways =)

 *Please read on to see what i got this week!

*Please click on any of the images to see the larger version.

I only received 3 items from ebay last week.. i was hoping to get the others but nope not yet =.=

Seller 1sckjmyyxgs
Item(s): Peace Double Ring
Price & Shipping: $1.45 -- Free Shipping
Total: $1.45
How long it took for me to receive: 2-3 weeks

Seller 2 & 3:
I purchased these in the past and shared in an earlier haul =).. so i purchased some more for upcoming giveaways.

 Won in Giveaways:

This was from MightyLeaf.. I won a gift package from @cravebox's twitter party a few weeks ago =).. I have to say i have only tried one tea.. and i wish it had more flavor to it =.=.. but i will probably be adding a packet or 2 to each giveaway lol.. they were just soo generous i have to share.

I won a goodie bag from Planet Beauty on FB during their "what's haute wed"... You guys should totally like them and enter in their contests.. especially you nail art addicts! They have Manicure mondays.. but you can also share your manicure on wed's.. I won with my "Effie Trinket Inspired design" =)!

The package came through Fedex.. I almost missed it =.=.. luckily my bf came to the gate as the fed ex man was leaving =).. he grabbed and signed it for me... It was a small brown box and covered in stryofoam!! When i saw the styrofoam.. I instantly thought of the movie Bolt =)

Yay the goodies they sent are items i have never tried.. I won't be trying all of them.. so Some of them will be added in a giveaway as extras =)

I won this charm bracelet from a company called Cutey.. from Cydia from Cydangie on youtube.  This is my first charm bracelet.. i am sure that it is suppose to be looser.. so its a little snug on my wrists.. but i did gain a lot of weight compared to my original weight.. working on getting it off.. so it will probably fit properly in the future =)

I bought a lot more stuff this week =).. stuff for myself and for my next giveaway =).. So I'll be seeing you back here on Sunday for the next Haulin' Sunday!. Ciao ciao for now!


  1. Looks like a pretty fun haul and lots of fun stuff to try =)


  2. dang! great stuff, those rings and bracelet are so cute!


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