Collective Haul 4 (mini)

Hey guys it's Haulin' Sunday!  This weeks haul is really small.. It consists of 2 items i received from a giveaway and my birchbox.. so its really small.. ><

 *Please read on to see what goodies i purchased this week.

*Please click on any of the images to see the larger version.

Birchbox: ($10 monthly Subscription)
This review will be more detailed in my "Battle of the Beauty Boxes" post against MyGlam.

Mal Pearson Giveaway:
If you are not following her on FB or Twitter.. you should! She likes to do giveaways!.. and is really sweet and nice as well.  I won 3 things from her monthly giveaway.. 2 out of 3 arrived.

Ferro Cosmetics: Their website is currently down =.=
About Ferro Cosmetics:
"A professional line of eco-couture, 100% mineral cosmetics that are cruelty-free, chemical-free, Vegan, and 100% Natural. Hi Def, long wearing, waterproof finishes in a huge array of shades and products."  They have everything from mineral foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow and make up brushes.  I want to try their mineral foundation (29.95).  I believe that is $4 -5 more than bare minerals when you buy those alone.  I use to use bareminerals.. and have been thinking about going back to it.. it's just a bit pricey.. but i love mineral make up .. it really does give a flawless finish and covers up imperfections well.  I have yet to decide.

I received a bronzer (4 grams, worth $18.95).. when i saw this in my package.. I was a little disappointing because Idon't wear bronzers... and it's a shimmery bronzer.. I figured it would be nice as a highlight and for eyeshadow =).. It's a really pretty color.

  •  You can see here after i took the sticker off this was what was left.. they really packed the product in this container. 

The product itself is very soft and smooth.. Also very pigmented.. That's what i like about mineral make up and loose pigment eyeshadows or blushes.. they usually have really good color payoff.. the only thing i don't like about them is the fall out of loose pigments =.=

Gold Canyon:

I have never heard of this company or website before.. but I am really impressed with the candle.  I received a 2 wicked 8.5oz candle worth $16.18 in Pomegranate from their Boutique collection.  I love the packaging of the box it came in and the design of the candle jar.  The scent is really strong too!.. I could smell the pomegranate before even opening the top of the box.. once i opened the box it was like a breeze of the scent just came my way.  It smells really good and scented up my whole room and I still have yet to light it lol.  It's just sitting on my night stand unlighted.

That is it for my haul and sharing of my giveaway winnings.  I just wanted to add that random fact lol

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