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Hey guys for "Review Friday", I will be reviewing the adhesive eyeliners by nail rock!.. I am/was very excited when I received these in my February Birchbox.  I originally wanted the lip tattoos because I thought that they were more interesting.  After seeing this product in my box I really wanted to try it.. but just never got around to it till NOW!

*Please read on to find out how this product worked for me.

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What is Eye Rock?:
Eye Rock is an instant stick on eyeliner by Nail Rock.  The packs they sell include 4 different adhesive eyeliner designs and each pack carries different designs.  I received the "classic" pack in my February birchbox. 

How to :

Instructions on the packet:

  • Ensure the skin is clean, dry and oil free.
  • Peel the chosen Eye Rock Designer liner from the backing sheet.
  • Align with eye to check fit. Trim excess at inner eye area if necessary.
  • Apply to the skin and press firmly.
  • TO REMOVE: Peel off and remove residue with facial cleanser.
 My Thoughts: 

 I don't think you're suppose to wear it on top of eye make up but there is no where on the packet or online that says you shouldn't.  I recommend not doing it, I tried it and the liner did not stick well.  You really do need to make sure the eye area is clean, dry and oil free in order for it to stick correctly.  Also you don't want to touch it too much or else the adhesive will become less sticky and will not adhere well.  I personally think that the adhesive on this product is very weak.

Make sure to trim it to fit your eye before sticking it on and then place it on correctly.. instead of sticking it on and taking it off to reposition.  It won't stick as well.. this is the mistake I made.  I did it so much that by the time I finally had it on correctly the inner corner and outer corner pieces of the liner would not adhere to my skin.. but if you have lash glue.. that will help with those sections.  After application, you can apply mascara and curl your lashes.

In use:
  • This is the first pair
  •  2nd pair
  •  This is after trying to trim it to fit my eye
  •  3rd pair
  •  4th pair
  •  This was without flash.. i took this picture so you can see how it would look during a night out.. I think worn at night it looks more realistic =)

 I had a lot of trouble trying to get this to fit my eye shape.. most of the time it was hard for me to get it close to my lash line without it looking weird when my eyes were open.  This adhesive eyeliner worked as an eyelid tape.. and give my a small double lid.  The top part of my lids kind of hung over the top part of the eyeliner.  It was uncomfortable at first because the adhesive is at its strongest when you first put it on.. but it felt a little more comfortable when i kept taking and putting it back on to place it correctly

The is a cool idea.. I think this product is good if you just want to try it for fun or use it once in a while when you're going out for the night.. but i do not think they are good for everyday use (they are one time use).  It is better to stick with actual eyeliner.  If i were to buy the product I would probably get the other packets with more detailed designs and are more bold just because i think they are more fun (for make up wednesday).  The thing i do like about this is that, if you are not good at doing cat eye's or designs on your eye you can place this on and trace over it with a eyeliner pencil.  That way it acts as a guide for you, so that you know where and how you want your cat eye to be.

3.5/5: The reason why it got a 3.5 is because it was pretty difficult for me to try to fit it for my eye shape.. also after touching it a few times after trying to fit it to my eye and trimming it .. it started to lose its stickiness.  It looks realistic from a distance but when speaking to someone face to face it's noticeable that it's a stick on.. I would rather of had this be a tattoo then an adhesive.. it would be easier.. Also it would be more fun if they were wearable on top of your eye makeup.  I know some people have worn it on top of their eye makeup but I didn't want to do that because I felt like they just didn't go well together.

I would recommend this product to those that have double lids.. I think it would work better for them.  Or for those that have monolids and use the eyelid tape.. this might look a little more natural than a piece of sticky tape because it looks like eyeliner. Sadly, this product was not for me.. You might see me use it in future posts for fun.. but that is about it.. I really do want to try the lip tattoos though.. they look fun lol

I hope this post was helpful in your decision to try this product or not. See you in a later post! Ciao ciao for now!


  1. The concept of this eyeliner is very good, especially to those who have a hard time applying liquid eyeliner ;)

  2. I love the last pictures!
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  3. I want to try these! hopefully they fit my lids lol! And i totally agree with you I want to try the lip tattoos they do look fun lol!


  4. I like it!!!
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