Pantene Nature Fusion Shampoo & Conditioner (Shespeaks) Review & Photos

Hey guys!! It's "Product Review Friday".. This week ill be reviewing Pantene's nature fusion shampoo courtesy of the Shespeaks program...  Shespeaks is a website where people can get and give product reviews.. as well as comment on blogs and join twitter parties that they hose.. they also do different programs, where they will ask people to test out a product and share/give their thoughts on it =).. It is a great site.  I love their twitter parties.. they have awesome giveaways.

So getting on with the product.  I am always looking for a good shampoo and conditioner for my hair.  I like to say that my hair has a nice thickness to it, it is dry, color-treated (2x a year), tangles, air dry, straight and slight wave at the ends & usually does not get greasy at the scalp often (depending on shampoo).  My hair was not always like this.. It use to be very healthy, soft and shiny.. as I have gotten older my hair has gotten less healthy, soft and shiny.

*Please read on to find out how this product worked for me.

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Let's start with what and why Pantene is doing with it's packaging and product.

What is Pantene doing?
  • Pantene Nature Fusion Shampoo and Conditioner packaging is now made with 59% (Excluding the cap) sugarcane-derived plastic.
  • The sustainable packaging change will be virtually unnoticeable to consumers-- the end result is the same performance at the same price, delivered in a more sustainable bottle.
Why Pantene is doing it?
  •  The plant based bottle is just the first step Pantene is taking towards becoming Eco-friendly =).. baby steps.

Came through USPS! I love that =).. it makes it so much easier for me to receive packages without worry.  In the box I received 1 full-sized bottle of Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Shampoo and 1 full-sized bottle of Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner as well as 2 letters. 1 from pan

Like Pantene stated about their consumers, I definitely did not notice the the change in the packaging.. but i love the cap =).. the color is so pretty too!

The Product:
You can see in the photos below that the shampoo is a yellowish clear gel, like a normal shampoo.  I actually prefer a "clear" shampoo than a shiny creamy one.  I personally feel like the creamy ones leave some residue in my hair but the creamy ones are the ones that make my hair feel softer. Weird huh?

The conditioner is a thick solid light yellow color.  A little goes a long way.

It smells really good! It is a blend of ginger, calendula and aloe vera but it smells like green apples with pears.  It is a scent I can see being sold at bath and body works.

My Thoughts:
The first 2 pictures are of my hair and ends before using Pantene.. I previously used Finesse.  You can see some split ends and dry ends.

Here you can see that the shampoo lathers up well.  I love shampoo's that have a lot of foam.  I know that if a shampoo does not lather, does not mean that it is not a good shampoo or not cleaning my hair... but I like the feel of the foam through my fingers =)

While rinsing the shampoo out of my hair in the shower.. My hair felt squeaky clean. So clean, that it was hard for my fingers to go through my hair.  That's how clean it felt..  It's like after you finish cleaning a window..  you can feel your finger get that squeaky feel touching it.  I felt like it cleaned my hair too well.. if that's possible.  I do like the shampoo.. but I did not see any difference in my hair.  The bottle states "for touchable softness and strength", I do feel like my hair is a bit tougher in strength.. but not touchable soft.

The conditioner feels nice in the shower.. but I did not feel any difference after my hair dried.  I only place the conditioner from my chin down.. with a little extra on my ends.

About 2 days after my hair/scalp would get greasy =.=.. usually it would take about 4-5 days before that starts happening.. so I don't know if maybe my hair is changing or its the shampoo.  I really wanted to like this product.. but too bad it didn't give me any WOW factor.  You can look up other reviews for this shampoo... there were several people that loved this shampoo and decided that they would purchase it again.. sadly i am not one of them.  I am glad that i had a chance to try this out..

Where can you buy it?:
You can purchase it at mass retail stores (target, walmart) as well as drugstores and grocery stores.

How Much?:
Depending on what size bottle you get, the price can range from $5-$8.50.. not bad.. and i am sure drugstores and target have coupons or promotional deals.  The size i received was the 12.6 FL.OZ and is the $5 one.. the other one is 25.4 FL.OZ

End Result:
I give it a 3.5/5.. because i like the packaging, scent and it does clean my hair thoroughly but it lacks the full 5 because it didn't give me any difference from my before to after hair and no wow factor.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product to sample and for review purposes from Shespeaks and Pantene.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review.. and that it was some what informative to you =)

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  1. great and very helpful! thank you for posting this review, Cathy!!!


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