I Need a Refresh-Mint (NOTD)

Hey guys I didn't get around to doing my nails until today ><.. so sorry for this late Nail Tuesday post.  It is a bit plain.. but I will be doing a small "revamped" post on the upcoming Tuesday.

 *Please read on for product detail.

*Please click on any of the images to see the larger version.

Product List:
  • Wet N Wild: I Need a Refresh-Mint
  • Wet N Wild: Bow in my Presence

 I Need A Refresh-Mint is a great dupe for China Glaze's For Audrey.  So, if you have been wanting to pick up For Audrey but haven't had a chance yet.. go and grab the Wet n Wild version, it's only $2.99!.. I actually got mine in a set of 3 different polishes for $2.99! so try looking for that set at walgreens.. if not just grab it buy itself it's still a good deal.

Tape Technique design 2:

Sorry for the mess ><.. I was doing it on my nail wheel & was not careful when i was waiting for it to dry and the application.  This is a how to get stripes using the tape method. I cut 3 strips.  Try to cut yours' as straight as possible, it will turn out a lot better than mine lol.  Also wait till your nail polish is dried completely before putting your top coat on, you do not want to mess up the stripes.  I will definitely show you guys how to do this again on my own nails in the future.  I will also be replacing the pictures once I do a cleaner version of this look lol.

  •  A trick to putting the tape on your nails without worrying if it will pull off your nail polish.. is to try to make the tape less sticky.  I kept placing it on my shirt and taking it off over and over till it was less sticky.

That's it for this week's NOTW!.. I warned you it wasn't anything special =).. Tune in for next weeks "revamped version" it will include nail tape and stamping ♥.


  1. I am loving mint this season!It´s a lovely shade and looks great. Xoxo

  2. amazing amazing nails!



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