Quick Nail tip application technique

Hey guys.. since I'm busy with math homework.. I have not been able to do my nails for this week yet.. but last week I recorded a tutorial for my friend Rach.  She said she has shaky hands.. so i thought this technique would be helpful.. She also showed me a picture similar to this design as well.. so i used that as a reference instead of a regular french tip. Hope you guys don't mind.. but as soon as i do my nails this week i will share =)

Please read on for the video tutorial =)

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End Result:
rubbing alcohol or

Tape Technique design 1:
I will be trying to add one of these to every nail Tuesday =)

  • Make sure your nail polish is completely dry, cut one piece of tape and place one on the top right corner and the other on the opposite bottom corner
  • Make sure the tape is firmly down and that there are not bubbles or slight lifting on the sides, paint the sections that is not covered by the tape. 
  • Take the tape off and voila! here is a simple design! 

See you in the next post! Ciao ciao for now.


  1. this is so helpful! thanks for posting this! <3 very chic design too!

    1. aww thank you! I hope you do try it, let me know if it helps!

  2. Cute, as always! I'll have to try using tape and see what happens :)

    1. Tape def. works!! I told my friend to try it with tape lol.. but as i was describing it to her.. she said it would take too long lol =.=.. so i came up with this <3!.. don't forget to share your nail designs with me!

    2. you know what.. i just realized that i posted the design i did with tape haha.. ignore what i said earlier =.=

  3. I'm going to try this :) Thanks for video tutorial!

  4. wow, thats pretty cool!



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