☀ Weekly Diary 2

So I thought since my collective "haul" was so short.. I would do a week in photos!  This week I had a lot of bbq and hw =.=.. and watched a lot of korean drama haha.. Once i start watching a drama i cant stop =.=.. ill stay up all night watching it.. I guess it's not that bad because at least i get my homework done.  This up coming week is going to be a bit stressful.. I have 2 quizzes and 1 is an presentation quiz.. and I have 2 tests and a project due =.=.. I know its not as much as other people but bleh.. that doesnt even include all the hw!!  Anyways lets get on with the pictures for what happen this week!

Read on for weekly photos

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Starting the post and my week off.. my mom and dad wanted to take my brother and I to this Bbq pork restaurant they discovered.  The restaurant is called "Palsaik Samgypsal Korean BBQ"..  It looks as though it is popular there was a small wait list to get a table.  Once we got the the ambiance was pretty nice.. The music was played from the television.  They played artists live concerts in random as the music instead of music videos.  The seats were interesting as well.. I wish i would have taken pictures of them.  It was like a stool..  A small black metal trashcan with a cushion seat on top as the lid.. you take the lid off and put your personal belongings inside, so that they are safe from the oil popping from the bbq and the smell as well.  This place can be a bit pricey depending on what you order.. not sure how much it was for us because my dad always drinks soju.. lol... and when he drinks soju he tends to just keep eating and ordering =.=.

  •  The plate on the left side is the 8 pork sampler.  basically each pork was marinated with different spices.The 8 flavors were Wine, Original, Ginseng, Garlic, Curry, Herb, Miso and Hot.  My favorites were the wine, garlic, curry and herb.  The sampler was not worth the price but it was delicious.  It gave us the idea of what to marinate when we make it at home. 
  • The meal also came with a soup. Not sure if everyone's is seafood soup.. but ours was.  It had oysters, shrimp, crab, mussel and tofu.  They also give you the korean salad and lettuce wraps which was all the way on the right side.. so they did not make it in the picture.

What takes up most of my week is homework!.. I don't get much homework for my child development classes.. just have to read the chapters.. but I do get a ton for math. Since it is a normal full semester class taken in half of a semester.. it is twice as fast and twice as much work at one time.  So even though i know what im doing.. it still takes a lot of my time just because i have to show my work and do all the problems for full credit.  I like to make sure i do all my hw correctly because on tests I jut freeze up.  I'm one of those people that get things right during homework and in class work.. but when it comes to the test.. i always second guess my actions and what im doing.. so I usually get a C or a low B on them.

  •  I have Lorax playing here lol.. This movie was ok.. I might have been better if I was actually paying attention the whole time.. but idk I don't think it lived up to its hype but that's what I think about most movies.
  •  Here I wanted to share with you guys about how I organize my hw pages.  From what I need to do and what i have already done.  I use those long thin post its.. the ones that are a solid color on half of the post it and a pattern or picture on the tip of it.  I got these ones from office depot in the $1 bin.  My teacher gave us a paper with the list of all the homework pages.  So what i did was wrote the section number and the problem #'s on the post it and stuck them on the page with the solid color facing out.  Once I finish all the homework on that section I go ahead and reposition the post it so that the patterned side sticks out. 
  • Also to make it easier the blue tab is another sticky post it.. that stands out letting me know where I left off.  I usually have one there and another one in the back of the book where the answers are, so i can check to see if my answer is right.
  • This is a korean drama called "Dream High".. Ive already seen this.. but since my cable isnt working I put it on to watch it again.  I love this drama!! It's about these people that go to an arts academy to become singers and dancers and of course there are a few love couples.  My favorite is Pilsuk and Jason. They are so cute lol!

My dad is always at work all the time.  He is a jewelry designer.. so he stays at work and sometimes stays over night.  The day he finished one of his projects he wanted to do bbq.  Just so you guys know.. my parents are always doing bbq =.=.. I get tired of it.. but what can i do lol.. i don't pay for the food.

I did not take pictures of the food.. because we bbq'd on the roof.. and usually the food gets cold real fast.. so we just ate ><.. but i did take pictures when my boyfriend was heating up the coals.

  • This is the scenery from my roof.  It's a really pretty sight.  We can also see the lights from the Observatory.. which i tried to take but my camera sucks.. so I didn't get a good picture.. It was hard to try to get a picture of the Hollywood sign as well.  Maybe I can get good pictures when I change cameras.
  • While i was taking these pictures on my roof.. I was inspired by the sky for a make up and nail design.  I kind of wanted to go galaxy nails.. as well as a greyish, blue and yellowish make up look.  We will see..

That is it for my week in photos.. not much.. but that's usually how my week is.  Homework.. movies, tv shows and food!!  Btw when i do these weekly posts whenever i do them.. you will mostly see korean food or stuff.. but i am not Korean =).. Im Chinese/Vietnamese.  My step-dad is Korean and my mom even though she is Chinese she grew up in Korea.. so we are kind of Korean influenced lol.


  1. I like these kinds of posts :] You should do more of them <3 I'm following now so it'd be nice to read more! Looks like you have an incredible view.

    Kirstie xx

  2. I SEE FOOD! Did ya say Korean BBQ? I want to try!!!! yummmm.... I awarded you with a sunshine award couple of days ago, (im a bit late to let you know, sorry)



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