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Hello hello!! Oh wee what a hectic week for me.  How is it that i work my butt of doing homework yet i'm still behind on it.. does not make any sense!  Anyhow I am here to talk about night cream.  Now night cream is different from your regular moisturizer and I recommend it for everyone.  The one I will be reviewing today is Olay "night of olay firming cream".. Now different companies carry night creams that target different problems for the face.. so look around for other reviews =)

Also I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately.. but if you follow me on facebook then you know that it is almost the end of the semester and I have a bunch of work to do ><.. So sorry!! I will definitely be making it up in the summer. I have also prepared some products I wanted to review as well.. and will throw in a nail post and make up post here and there when i actually have time to do them.  I have been so busy I still haven't had time to do my nails.

Please read on for the actual review.

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What is the main difference between a night cream and your daily moisturizer?  Well the answer is simple.. Your day moisturizer is meant to hydrate, moisturize and protect.  Which is why moist daily moisturizers have SPF in them.  Where as your night cream is meant to rejuvenate and repair your skin while you sleep.  Having a night cream aside from your daily moisturizer is a must have for nice skin.  Especially if you are almost 25 or older.  Mainly because a lot of night creams contain ingredients and vitamins to fight against aging.  So you will see that most night creams will say "anti-aging".. as Julia Fauchet (a Lancome trainer) states,"Night skincare products are not necessarily more active, but at night our skin is more receptive".  Now on to the actual products.

It comes in a white-frosted container with a black lid that you just twist off.  This jar holds 2oz of product inside.  I really like how the packaging is small and simple.  Also if you wanted to reuse the packaging for something else when you're done.. you can because the label on the jar peels off (it's a sticker)

The Product:
The product has a thick creamy consistency.  Which is great and usually what you want in a night cream. Especially the cream part if you have really dry skin.

Product Claims:
  • Hydrate and soothe dry skin
  • Firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restore the natural beauty of your skin
I have really dry skin.. sometimes my day moisturizer  does not keep it hydrated.. I would have to reapply it.  When I wake up in the morning and touch my face.. It is sooo smooth and soft, I just love it.  Does it firm and reduce lines and wrinkles?  I don't think i have fine lines or wrinkles.. so maybe it's working or I just haven't gotten any yet.  My face does feel a bit firmer in the mornings..  but it's hard to say since my weight gain has gone to my face lol!  but I guess you can say the product does it's job.

Since the product is thick it should just glide onto your skin.  Make sure to lightly smooth it over your skin avoiding the eye area.  I like to blend it into my skin in a circular motion. Then I go over again lightly on my extra dry spots (around the nose and parts of my cheeks).  I don't think there is such a thing as over moisturizing.  Also you want to apply this on a clean/dry face before you go to bed.

My Night Routine: (this is what i found works for me personally)
  1. I like to use Noxema's daily scrub around my cheek and nose area.
  2. Next, I take my Noxema Original Deep Cleansing Cream with my siruis sonic and cleanse my face (you can read my review on the siruis sonic HERE) It is a dupe for the Clarisonic.. but has it's differences
  3. Then I pat my face lightly, and just let it air dry if it is still damp
  4. About 5-10 minutes after I will apply my Olay Night Cream, then head to sleep =)
I do not use a toner because when I tried a toner before I didn't see any difference in my skin.  However,  when I decide to drink green tea I will pour a little on the side and use that as a toner.  Green tea has a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that is great for the skin.

Where can you buy it & How Much?:
You can purchase it at mass retail stores (target, walmart) as well as drugstores and grocery stores.  The price can range from $8-$10... sometimes even cheaper if it is on sale.  I have seen it as low as $6 at target.. which is usually where I get my products.

End Result:
I give it a 5/5 because my skin is extremely dry, so it is hard for me to find a product that really rejuvenates and keeps my skin smooth.  This product really makes my face feel smooth and soothe not just in the morning just after I apply it.

I have also tried other night creams that I love.. The first one I tried was "Shiseido: The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge Light" $42.50.  After using their night moisturizer I fell in love with night creams and moisturizers but you can see the price is a bit high.. so I stopped using it.  Then I went onto "Olay: Age Defying Classic Night Cream" $8-$10.  I love that one too.. It is not as thick as the firming cream.. It is actually very light.  The only reason why I ended up with the Firming cream was because I was not paying attention when I went to get a new "age defying one".. but I am glad I tried it because it is a great product.  I still want to try other night creams from the olay line.  Olay is a great company and has been around for 50+ years.  It is a trusted company for me and my mom and no I am not sponsored by Olay lol.  I just really like their products.  It's hard for me and my mom to find a drugstore product that will not break us out.. So far Olay and Noxema seem to be the only ones =).. and some Loreal products.

That is it for this long review lol!..  If you ended up reading the whole thing and made it here.. Congrats!!! haha..  I will have more reviews coming soon.. Also I am so excited to announce that my friend Chelise from Empire State Beauty will be doing a guest post soon to help me out in my lack of posts.  See you in a later post. Ciao Ciao for now!  & as always Thank You for reading.  <-- It's a new line I will be adding to all my posts lol.


  1. Thanks for reviewing it! I don't use a night cream but probably should :)

    1. No prblem =).. Yes you should be lol...but if you do decide to try a drugstore one go to walgreens or riteaid since they usually let you return items you don't like or that give you a bad reaction versus target that does not let you.

    2. Good to know, I will keep that in mind. Thanks Cat! <3

  2. Where as your night cream is meant to rejuvenate and repair your skin while you sleep. Having a night cream aside from your daily moisturizer is a must have for nice skin.


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