Queen Julep Mint Mask Review, Photos & Swatches

I am back with another "What's On Yo' Face?" product review.  Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the Queen Helene Original Mint Julep Masque.  This mask has been around for a long time and has been hyped too.  Read on to find out where you can get it, how much and what I think about it.

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It comes in a white tube.  and is a squeeze type mask.  It's like a toothpaste tube.  The product itself is a green paste.  My boyfriend thinks I look weird with it on haha.. because my whole face is green.  It's like a chalky green.

The Product:
As stated above the product is green.  It dries fairly quick.. so you want to even it out on your skin as quickly as possible.  It goes on a nice green  and dries into a chalky green.  It feels very cooling when you first put it on but that feeling disappears after a few seconds.

Product Claims
  • Helps dry up acne pimples
  • Rinse away blackheads
  • Shrink enlarge pores
  • Refreshing facial treatment; helps tired muscles and ease tension lines
I have dry skin.. especially right after I wash it.  Which is when you want to put your mask on.  You want to put it on a clean and dry face. This product is perfect for those with oily skin because the mask will soak up some of the oils on your face.

For the claims.. It does dry up my pimples.. not instantly of course but it does slowly.  I don't think it rinses away black or white heads.. but it does dry that part of your nose.. so its easier to squeeze or use a pore strip to take them out.  I do not see a difference in my pores.. about the muscles and ease of tension.. I don't know about that. but I do have to say it is refreshing.

A little goes a long way.. You do not need much for your entire face.  Just a little more than what I show in the swatch is all you will need for your face and neck.  You can even just dot them on your acne and it should dry them up =).. It's kind of like the classic technique of using original toothpaste to dot on your pimples back in the day to dry them out and make them smaller.

Apply the mask generously and allow to dry for about 15 minutes. Remove with warm water.  Once the product dries.. you can see all the pores on your face ><.. Here are some swatches of how the product goes on and dries.  The first 2 swatches are on the back of my hand and the last 2 are of my face. 

  • *Warning you are going to see upclose pores!

Where can you buy it & How Much?:
You can purchase it at mass retail stores (target, walmart) as well as drugstores and grocery stores.  The price is about 3-4$.. I think its affordable for everyone and can fit into anyone's beauty budget.

End Result:
I give this product a 3.5/5.  One it is affordable and two it makes my skin very clean and dries up my acne when I leave it on over night.  The 3rd reason is because the cooling effect it gives only lasts until the product dries and it dries within seconds!.. I wish the cooling lasted longer.. that would probably get it a 4/5.  I try to remind myself to use it weekly or every 2 weeks.. but I tend to forget since I have so many different types of masks.  Queen Helene also has a mud mask I believe is sold at sally's beauty.. I have been wanting to try that one and I just might =)

I hope you guys enjoyed this review.  I'll see you in another post! bye bye! and Thank You for reading.


  1. great review! Thanks for sharing :) I just wanted to let you know that I am having a giveaway right now. Please check it out. Thanks!


  2. Nice review! I have been trying different masks and this one looks interesting.

    1. =).. It really dries out the skin if you have dry skin.. but I like it =) and I think alot of others would recommend it as well.. Let me know what you think of it .. if you decide to purchase it.


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