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Hello Hello!  There is a fairly new website called  I think it's a great website.  There are quizzes that you take about your hair, skin, makeup and fashion that are right on point.  Their website is easy to navigate, so there should be no confusion on where to go and what to do.  They share the top tips and trends of the moment as well as tips on how to get great, moisturized skin or different ways to wear a single look.  You can also meet and make friends with people that are interested in the same things you are =).. We all love to make more friends right lol.  Also, if you sign up for style united & shespeaks you can enter for a chance to be 1 of the 2 winners for a $500 giftcard to either Macy's or Nordstorms!!

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yay!! I am so happy that you're interested in learning more about this website.

*all of the photos are screenshots of the website/ click on any of the images to enlarge

So you want to start by signing up you can do that by going here (not an affiliate link.. there are none that I know of at the moment).  After you sign up.. sign in and on the bottom right hand corner it should say "style profile" and an update or a complete button, click on it and it should take you to a page that looks like this..

This is the page where you will take your quizzes.  It doesn't matter which tab you start with.. click on any of the them to begin..

What I love about the quizzes.. is that when you click on what your skin type is or your hair and what fashion you like, there is a bubble on the top that pops out and gives you tips throughout the quiz that help you with your problem areas. Example below

After you take your quiz your results will come up and they give you a list of products they recommend based on your results.  Note: you can always edit and change your answers when you feel like it or something about you changes =)

You can see on the top right it shows sassy rebel.. but if I clicked on gray matters they will show me a different look.. and on the right side they give you tips and how to to get this.  You can click on the different tabs face, eyes, lips or view all to see all the products they recommend =).  You can rate the products review them.. and If you like the look you can click on the outlined heart to favorite it and it will be saved to your profile so you can go back and look at it anytime =)

 When I scroll down it shows me extra recommendations and more tips =)

Overall, I really like this website.  It's kind of like a one place stop kind of thing... You know that plaza you like to go to because you can go to the market, get a hair cut and just get everything on your to buy list in one place?.. It's just like that for beauty and fashion with tips and trends!  It is a great community to join.

If you decide to join or already have please let me know!! I would love to add you to my inner circle of friends on there and would love to be added to yours as well.  The website is still in beta.. so there are a few things that will be tweaked and added to the website in the future.  For instance if they recommend something you like.. say a revlon lipstick.. there might be a buy option =).. I love that! They currently have a survey going on about the website as well.. to see what people think about it and how to improve it.. So I say why not join now before everyone? than rather waiting till everyone gets on the bandwagon?.. <3 Love you guys!! and I hope you join this website with me.

Don't forget in order to enter the giveaway to win one of the 2 $500 giftcards.

Here's how to Enter the StyleUnited New View, New You Giveaway

  • Step 1: Join 
  • Step 2: Tell us (shespeaks) you joined StyleUnited by commenting on their blog post. (Here)
  • Two lucky winners will be chosen at random to win a $500 gift card for Macy's or Nordstrom - winner's choice!
macys nordstrom

After joining Styleunited make sure to go to this link >> StyleUnited New View, New You Giveaway in order to enter the giveaway.  Make sure that you are using the same email for both websites. : FB & Twitter : FB & Twitter

Disclaimer: I am a shespeaks blogger.. and am currently enrolled in a program that makes me a VIP blogger.. which is why I am sharing this website =).. but of course everything written on my blog is 100% my honest opinion and I would never give you any less*


Thank you for reading, I would love to read your comments ♥

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