MyGlam (April 2012)

I know it's already May and I am late on showing my April bag.  Originally I planned on doing another battle of the beauty boxes segment.. but I haven't had time and I figured just doing them separately would be quicker.

*Read on for my thoughts on the products that were given in this bag.

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As usual my bag came in a bubble envelope..  I was a bit disappointed in this month's cosmetic bag.  It feels and looks a bit cheaper then any of the other bags.  Honestly, it seems like something i can just pick up at the dollar store.

 I love the cover for this card. All of them look great.  I prefer having all the glam girls in the front than just 1 on the cover. As I stated before, I wish they would put the price points of the products on the card.. instead of just the product names.  This was the only card provided in the bag.. I am so happy there were not a bunch of promoting coupons and "giftcards".. waste of space in the bag.

All-Belle Eyelashes (A2123)
At first glance I thought these were Japanese brand lashes but now that I actually look at the box is actually Chinese/Taiwanese brand.
  •  I like that these lashes can give a natural or a dramatic look.. but I hate how they feel.  They are synthetic lashes.. they feel like plastic.  The ones I bought on eBay a while back feel a lot more real.
  • For those of you that did not know.. it did come with eyelash glue.  It's taped on the bottom of the lashes.  I tried this glue and I don't like it.  I recommend using your own glue.

DermStore Lip Quench- Moisture Infused Lip Treatment 
I like how this feels.  It makes my lips feel smooth and soft.  Sort of like vaseline.  It states a fuller, smoother and hydrated appearance.  At first my boyfriend and I thought it was a lip plumper. Long story short.. his lips were dry so I gave him this to try and he already has full lips lol.  He read it and said no way!.. but anyways.. I think by fuller and smoother they mean a filler for the lips, so that the lipstick goes on smoother.  Like a face primer that fills in your wrinkles and pores so that your foundation goes on smoother.
It seems like it has some color to it but it blends nicely with my lips.. doesn't look like its tinted or anything.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil

I got Ransom!!  I was excited and sad.. I received a purple liner in my birchbox a while back.  I was hoping for another color. This color is so pretty.  Good thing I like to use purple on my lash-line for a pop of color.  This is my first glide-on pencil.. It goes on smoothly and came out so nicely.

MyGlam eyeshadow and eyeliner brush

For April they sent us 2 more brushes adding to the one they already sent.  I love the pink handles.  The brushes are not the best quality but they are good.  I actually like my E.L.F brushes more than these. However, these 2 feel softer than the previous crease brush.  They are great for people that want to build a brush collection or for those that are just starting with make up.  I checked on the website and they are not for sale at the moment and not sure if they ever will be or if it is just a limited edition for myglam subscribers.

  •  You can see here that the eyeshadow brush is very dense, which is what you want to look for in an eyeshadow brush.
  •  Do you guys remember this brush case from the last myglam bag? This came with the first brush.
  • You can see all the brushes so far here.  Doesn't it look like there is enough room for 2-3 more brushes? From the sneak peeks on the myglam website they are giving us 2 more brushes for May.
The April bag was neither a disappointment or the opposite.  I like the choices of products they put in the bag.  There was really only 1 product that was a bit bland and those are the eyelashes.  Everything seemed up to par with the 10$ spent.  I can't complain when most of the products look like full size products =).. Which is what a lot of us glammies were asking for as well as make up products.. and they satisfied us with that as well.. so there is nothing for me to complain about here.  See you in the next post "bb april".. Ciao ciao for now.


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    1. I loved the Urban Decay Eye Liner Pencil <3 It really does stay on for a long time and it wears well!!!

    2. I know right?!!! I regret not getting the 5 or 7pc set off hautelook when they had it =.=


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