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I finally received my bag a few days ago, after a few weeks of waiting for it.  I first emailed myglam when my tracking said "out for delivery".. then "no status update" after I never got it.  I emailed them and they replied once.. asking me to email them again if I still don't get it after a few days.. then they didn't reply for about a week.. so I wrote on their FB wall.. and about a minute or so after they responded to my emails (a little ridiculous to me). Anyhow, they told me that the apt. number they had on file was they went ahead and sent me a new package.

I have to say this month's bag was not spectacular but I liked it.  I was very pleased with the products I received.

*Read on for my thoughts on the products that were given in this bag.

Please click on any of the images to see the larger version.


As usual my bag came in a bubble envelope..  I love the design and color of the cosmetic bag.. but I don't like the quality of it.  To be honest, I loved the idea of beauty bags each month.. but lately I have been growing tired of them.. I think that maybe they should give different items each month instead of just bags.. maybe other "tools" like a mirror or little on the go kits.. I don't know.. just my thoughts lol.. I do like how the bags look in my room stored.. I have made very good use of them.. I use them to organize some of my make up and samples.


..Below is a photo of all the bags I received (i didnt get to subscribe the first month).. I also noticed that the 2nd month (back to nature).. is the only bag that has the myglam logo on it.. not a big deal just something I noticed.  I think the 2 white bags are  the most sturdiest because they are made out of "canvas like tote" material..

The following 2 photos are of my bag.. If you follow me on FB.. then you read one of my status updates about my bag being messed up..You can see that part of the zipper is off as well as the inside is torn.  After seeing the zipper I wanted to look at the stitching of the bag.. so I turned it inside out, which is how I found out about the torn seam.  It's not a big deal or anything to me.. I can easily fix it, but a few of you said that I should email myglam to see what they would do/say and this is what they had to say:

My Email:
MAY 28, 2012  |  07:20PM PDT

  • Original message
  • Cathy wrote:
  • Hello, I received my bag yesterday.. and i noticed that the end of the zipper hangs a little off the edge as well as one of the sides inside the bag is torn. I will add an attachment so you can see what I am talking about. I can only add one attachment so ill send the one of inside the bag.. If you would like to see the zipper part I can send that to you as well in a reply. Please let me know if there is anything that can be done about this issue, Thank You.
  • -Cathy 

Their Response:
MAY 29, 2012  |  11:25AM PDT

  • Meghan replied:
  • Hi Cathy,
  • Oh no! We are so sorry to hear that you had a problem with your Glam Bag. We are happy to send you a replacement make up bag. We batch all of our accommodation orders before sending them to our warehouse, so it could take 1 to 2 weeks to receive your replacement item. Your tracking number will be emailed to you once your package ships. Please accept our apologies and thank you for your continued support of myglam!
  • xoxo
  • Meghan with myglam

I have to say that Meghan handled it very well.  I think that their customer service is good and reply quickly.. but sometimes they are just so busy overwhelmed with emails that they don't get to respond in a timely manner.. which is when you take it to their FB.. then you will get a quick response.

Bethany's Cover shoot and the design of the card reminds me of valentines day lol.. I think they are just a few months too late for this bag haha.. but she does look cute.  I am so happy they have stopped stuffing their bags with a bunch of coupons.. one or two is fine but not every product needs one =)

Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance

This fragrance has a very light sweet floral scent and goes well with my natural body scent.   It doesn't seem like it lasts too long.  Maybe an hour to 2.  Also it is not a spray sample.. Like my Taylor Swift Wonder-struck from BB, you just take the cap off and dab it on.  I prefer the spray versions.. I think they are less messy and I don't have to worry about it spilling in my bag.

Miss Beauty Nail Bling (A2123)

I am starting to like these nail appliques!.. These are a bit too flashy for me to wear on all my fingers at once.. So most likely I will be wearing them as accent nails.  I still have yet to wear them.. but by just looking at them.. You can open them and not worry about them drying up.  You can use one and save the others for later.  It comes with 20 pieces.. which means if you put them on all your fingers, you will be able to do this look twice.  I did take one off to see how durable the stickiness is.. it seems pretty durable but it also reminded me of those window stickers.  The touch of them.. they feel very soft and silicone-y..   I would like to add that these do not have rhinestones on them.. even though they look like they do.  The sliver part is just a very shiny metallic silver, same goes with the pink hearts.

Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Warn & Cozy 
I did hear about the issue with the lipsticks everyone was receiving.  If you haven't.. Basically the drama was that.. some people received lipsticks that were $15 and others got ones that were worth $7.. the reason for that was because some people received lipsticks that were discontinued or being discontinued.  My Thoughts?!:  I don't think that the company should have included lipsticks that were being discontinued/already discontinued along with ones that were not.  For one, what if people really liked the lipsticks they got and were thinking about purchasing it again.. now they cant because its not available.  That is the only problem I see.

The color I received is a reddish brown shade.  Typically not my type of lipstick shade but I'm am glad they sent it.  It is not a color I will probably wear in the summer.. but I will def. be rocking this in the fall.  It's something very different from my other "pink" lipsticks.  I was hoping for a pink or fuchsia or ruby red lipstick.. but hey that would just blend into my collection lol.. this one will stand out =).. oh before I forget.. the lipstick is pretty moisturizing on my lips and I love their "SG" Logo on the lid.

  •  This is with flash
  •  These 2 are without flash (you can see the color is not that bad)

MyGlam Concealer and Defining Eyeliner Brushes

These are the last 2 brushes to myglam's collection.  I think they are currently for sale on their website or will be soon.  I am glad that these brushes are the last of the addition.. I wonder if they are coming out with face brushes and will be adding those to our bags now lol!.. I havent tried these brushes yet.. I don't really have any use for them to use for makeup.. so I might use it for cleaning up edges on my nails.   To be honest the "eyeliner brush" does not look like an eyeliner brush to me lol.. It is probably best to used for your lower lash line to smoke or blend out the liner instead of applying it.

That is it for May's bag!!.. Like I said nothing spectacular but is still satisfying.  I was disappointed in the beginning with the problems of shipping and my bag.. but I am glad it happened because I had a chance to find out how their customer service is.  I will be continuing my subscription with myglam.  I would ask what everyone else got in their bags.. but it seems like everyone gets the same products except the lipstick color changes.. So... What color did you get? I will see you in a later post.. Thank You for reading!

UPDATE: Myglam did send me a new bag, along with some extra samples.


  1. I keep hearing they have had a lot of issues with delivery and how things are being delivered with defected items. I have been on the fence about subscribing to them. I think I am going to wait for birchbox.

    1. ya >< I hope it all gets sorted out soon.. ooooh Have you checked out Glossybox? It's $11 more.. but looks and sounds like its worth it.. You should check out some of the reviews from this month and last.. If you are in the US.. They just recently launched in the US.. Im waiting for the subscriptions to open up ><


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