Pink Don't Pass the Gold Line (NOTD)

Woohoo! A nail of the week post!!  I finally had time to do my nails.  Whew.. a hectic week and I have 2 more weeks left that are going to be hectic as well.  At least I got my nails done right? lol.. Can't believe I went through so many days with them bare.  Anyhow as you can see from the photo I used pink.. my cup of tea!  I have so many pink polishes it's not even funny lol.  Anyhow read on for more photos and nail art tape #5.

 *Please read on for product detail.

*Please click on any of the images to see the larger version.


Product List:

Cuticle and coats -
  • Julep Cuticle Oil
  • Beauty Secrets - Pink Base Coat
  • Beauty Secrets - Blue Top Coat
Polishes -
  • Essie: Figi
  • Color Club: Disco Nap
Others -
Nail Art Tape: Gold

Tape Technique design 5:

Remember: A trick to putting the tape on your nails without worrying if it will pull off your nail polish.. is to try to make the tape less sticky by sticking and removing it over and over on any piece of fabric. (make sure your tape is secure and it is not raised the slightest at the edges or the nail polish will seep under the tape)

  •  Start with 2 pieces of tape placing it like above
  •  Then I cut some more tape into stripes and placed them like a corset
  •  You can leave it like this.. or just outline the v-shape
  •  I added red rhinestones..  It looks much better in person lol

I think my nail polish is perfect for a wedding look or just a fun girly look when you're tired of the bold colors for summer.  I hope you enjoyed my nail of the week as much as I have as well as the nail art tape #5!  I'll see you in the next post! Bye bye! As always Thank You for reading.


  1. Your mani is so cute! Love the taping design - I'm looking forward to trying it :)

    1. yay! thank you!! If you take a picture and end up posting it.. please tag or post it to my fb page as well.. I would love to see it!

  2. That gold is nice! I can't find any color clubs here -=(


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