Another Sally's Haul & Swatches!

Woohoo I believe it was last weekend or the weekend before where I fb'd and tweeted that Sally's was having another 50% off clearance and they had China glaze hungar games, crackles and magnetic polishes!  I grabbed several polishes I have been wanting for myself and 2 for a friend =)  Read on to see what was in my shopping bag!

Inside my basket:
I picked up 7 Polishes for myself and the China Glaze Magnetix horse shoe thing.

*click on any of the images to see larger size

These polishes usually run for around $6-7 and were about $3.75-$3.79 each on clearance. Also, with the additional 50% off I got them for about $1.75-$1.79!  What good deals right?!!  I am so happy I went.. I had to go to 2 different Sally's! The first one I went to (around the corner) was almost empty.. then there is one by my school, it had everything!! lol  I went crazy.  I was telling my friend "Paula, you should have taken me home omg.. instead of taking me to another sally's".. and she responded with.. "I'm just the driver, you wanted too to come!" haha and we just started giggling.

Left to Right:
Dress Me Up, Smoke and Ashes, Fast Track, Electrify, Luxe and Lush,You Move Me


Isn't Electrify pretty!! Reminds me of Chinese New year or Christmas =)

I love this polish! Luxe and Lush.. the swatches did not do it justice! I think it would be perfect on top of light polishes =)

I had to do a close up of Smokes and Ashes because you can't really see the green/blueish glitter in the swatches.  I hope you can see them better here.

I love the new additions to my collection! I purchased a 2nd Fast Track and Cracked Medallion for a friend =) I know she will love them hehe.  I can't wait for our "swap/surprise non swap/surprise" haha.. because we cannot keep secrets! We keep telling what we are buying for each other haha.  I hope you guys made it to the sale!! I am sure they will have it again! They had it for Memorial Day then a week or 2 later =).. So don't be sad if you didn't get it! Make sure to subscribe to their news letter to get it!  My friend had to tell me about it lol. 


  1. Love China Glaze polishes <3,
    where did you buy that magnetix horse thing?


    1. hi hi! I also got that at sally's beauty supply =).. it was on clearance still should be. I love china glaze!! I think most of my polishes are CG =)

  2. Great haul! Fantastic polish choices :)

  3. :) Great haul. I'm still trying to find little random things to put in for our swap lmao


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