Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Review & Photos

I was given the opportunity to try out the new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition through a bzzagent campaign.  I'm a little late on making this blog.. since the campaign is over lol.. but oh well.  You guys might remember that I have tried other shampoos and conditioners from other programs and they did not work that well.  Well I am happy to say that the Triple Nutrition works great for my hair.   Read on for more information on this line from Garnier Fructis.

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 Just a little reminder of what my hair type is: long, dry, split ends, color treated twice a year, straight and semi-thick.
What I was sent:

A full sized bottle for both the shampoo and conditioner  from their Triple Nutrition line.  The purpose of this line is to restore damaged hair to make it stronger, healthier, silkier and more radiant.

Main ingredients: Contains Olive Oil (nourishes the core), Avacado Oil (Nourishes and softens the middle layer, Shea Oil (Nourishes and smoothes the surface).

  •  I love how easy it is to open the cap.  The cap has a button type knob that sticks out on the front and you can use it to open the lid.  Now I don't have to worry about my nails messing up or chipping =).. Don't you just hate it when some lids are so hard to open that it chips/cracks your nails =.=

Consistency of both products:

The Shampoo is clear... which is what I look for in a shampoo. I prefer clear shampoo's over a creamy white one because I feel like it cleans my hair and scalp more. The creamy white ones feel like they leave a little left over residue in my scalp.

The Conditioner is creamy and thick but goes on the hair light.

Hair (before & after):
  • Before
The before picture is pretty bad.. and its a previous photo from my Pantene review

  •  After
 Even though the pictures are different you can definitely tell that in these pictures my hair does look healthier, especially the ends

Final Thoughts:

I like these products a lot and will be purchasing them again in the future.  My hair was always strong but dry.  Since using this product, my hair doesn't seem as dry as it did before.  I love how much healthier it looks and slightly shinier (not a lot but enough).  It also smells good! It has a fruity smell to it and that is what I like to look for in shampoo and conditioners.  I like to touch and smell my hair throughout the day lol.

I have to admit that part of the reason why my ends look healthier is because I have been trimming my ends each weekend.  Not all at once.. just little parts at a time.  I go through my hair with a comb and trim off the strands with split ends.  This has been working great for me.. it is great if you're like me and hate going to the salon.  I usually cut my own hair. I hate going to the salon because for some reason they always cut my hair shorter than I ask.. and these Korean salons out here love to thin out peoples thick hair! I hate that because I love my hair full.  It's not super thick or anything like full of volume.. but its thick enough.  That will conclude my review.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.  I will see you in a later post.  Thank You for reading!

I am a bzzagent and was given these products for free to review.

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