Medusa's Makeup Pigment Review, Photos & Swatches

Finally finals are officially over!!! =).. back to regular blogging.. now just the task of coming up with different looks for nails and make up ><.. lol let the inspiration begin!

Today I will be sharing a haul and my review on Medusa's Make-up Company.  I received 3 products from the company.  At first I was offered 1 product of my choice to review.. so I decided to purchase 2 along with the "sponsored" product because I thought it would be weird to only review and try out 1 item.  To find out what colors are wrapped in the white styrofoam!! read on!

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Medusa's Makeup:

Medusa's Makeup does not test on animals, therefore they are cruelty free!!! Yay for them! and us!  They have a variety of products that range from loose eye dust, loose glitter, pressed pigment, blush, mascara, lip gloss, primers and liner seal.  They also have a wide range of colors with affordable prices and great deals most of the time.  Some of their products are 100% mineral (their blush for example).  I would say it took 4 days for me to receive my items.  So the shipping was quite fast.

What I was sent:

For product review I chose an eyedust in Magma.  Then I went ahead and purchased another eyedust in Green Velvet as well as one of their loose glitters in .44 Magnum.  Each eyedust and glitter is $7 and come in 1.5 gram jars.  You can see in the following photos that the jars are compact and small but no need to worry they pack the pigments into these little jars!

  • you can see here that the little jars are a little smaller than a quarter.  Can you imagine how cute these small jars are?
  • You can see here that they are packed to the top.. except for the glitter. Both eye dusts are fine pigment as well as the glitter.

  • I took swatches of both eyedusts in flash and non flash as well as wet and dry and 1 swatch of the glitter.
  • I love how coppery magma is! It is so pretty! Green velvet is also a beautiful color.. but keep in mind that these swatches were not on top of primer.. =)
  • Aren't these colors beautiful swatched wet?  It really doesn't take a lot of pigment to get this vibrant color, just a little water.  I love both colors!.. I am in love with magma.  Magma actually looks different on the website than it does in real life.. I made sure to look up review and swatches before choosing my colors =)


I received this Milani Baked shadow in "I heart you" from Joyce in a giveaway I won.  Not realizing that I had previously picked a similar color from Medusa.  They are "almost" an EXACT match!  I say "almost" because I don't want to say 100% haha.  Milani's Baked shadow is softer to the touch.. but they give off the same outcome.  One of them may have a little more shimmer than the other.. but honesty if someone was to come up to me and ask if I can tell the difference I would not be able to. 

  • Here is the outcome of after washing my arm off with water and soap.  I did not scrub or anything.  You can see that Medusa's Magnum used wet lasted a little better out of all of the rest.

Both the Milani and Medusa are the same price around $7 and are the same net weight 1.5 grams.  So if you really enjoyed the swatches of magma.. you can def. go to your local drugstore to look for "I heart you" if it is still around.  Just keep in mind that Medusa's does have promotions here and there.  Not too long ago they had a promo where it was "Any 5 for $25".. which was not bad at all.. but I missed out on it =.=.  Just sign up for their newsletter and you will get the promo codes in the mail or like them on FB =).

Final thoughts:

The little jars are so dang cute! haha.. I would love to try to collect their colors.. they have such pretty vibrant colors!  I will be waiting for their promotions to buy them because their promos seem to be the best time to buy stuff.  You probably noticed that I did not talk too much about the glitter or even mentioned it =.=.. but I was not beyond impressed by it.  It is just like any other eye glitter.  You can use it on your face,eyes, lips, hair.  It is a fine glitter.. Maybe it's just the color I chose.  I will use the product in a future make up look as well as the other 2 products.  I will probably give a better evaluation for the glitter then.  I think it is one of those products you have to use in order to give your honest opinion.  I probably should have gotten a different glitter though =.=.  Oh well.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review of these products and look forward to seeing me use them in a future make up look!  You can purchase these products or many of their other vibrant colors on their website "".. or search for a store they might be sold at.  Thank You for reading and I will see you in a later post!

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