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Hello Hello! I bought some great stamping plates for an affordable price.  However, I did have an incident with customer service while these were "on their way".. Please read on for more information on what happened and close ups of the plates!.

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I will begin with the rant I had earlier this month...  My package was out to be delivered.. but I never received it and the status on the tracking could not be updated.  So I emailed their customer service explaining everything and all I got back was "Thank you for your email. The tracking number for your package shows delivery confirmation.".. which of course annoyed me.. because I already explained that in the email I sent first.  Then they replied again with "Please check with your local post office and neighbors as well as similar address." and they responded to 2 more emails with that response after I stated that I checked with neighbors and the post office.  Then I finally told them I was running out of patience and that I did everything they stated to do..  but was not about to go up and down my block to look for my package, so they needed to find out what was going on, or give me back a refund.. next thing I know after going to my fb about it.. they decided to "resend" the package and to let them know when I receive it.  I ended up getting it the next day and emailed them to let them know.. and that was it, no email from them after that.

Since that is all done with.. I have to say that I do like their plates and that it really is a great price for them.  I have checked their FB page and it didn't seem like anyone else was having the same problem as me.. so I think they just misprinted my address or forgot my apt. # so it got sent back.


It came in the smaller bubble envelope and each of the plates were in their own little plastic bag.  On the back of each plate is a white covering that said M.A.S.H and their website all over it.  I kind of like their labeling.  Also on the top each plate is a blue plastic film, you must take off the plastic before using.


26-50. which various images!

A few of my favorite images:

I stamped some images with a single polish and others I mixed color combinations.

Price & where you can buy it:

I got the set of 25 plates (26-50 stamping plates) for $12.99 and it was free shipping to me (Los Angeles).  They also sell a stamper & scraper set for $4.99 for those of you that are just beginning and want to buy this set.  If you already have a stamp/scraper this set will be a great addition to what you already have.  You can purchase this set and their other one at http://www.mashnails.com or try on Amazon.  I have to say putting the shipping problem aside, I really like these plates and the designs that they come with.  If they had another set of plates for this price I would probably get it.. I think everyone (even companies) deserve a second chance.

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul.. I love stamping.. it's an easy way to add something different to your nails each week.  If you do plan to purchase from their site, I hope you don't have to go through what I did.. and I am sure you will enjoy the plates!  Also, let me know in the comment section below if you own them or are planning on getting them.


  1. I'm in love with the octopus on #37, and the kitty on #30!! So cute. Glad you finally got the plates in <3

    1. me too!! I guess I will find a way to use those plates =) lol

  2. I just bought these plates, too, and it was seriously such a great deal. I got my for $12.99 with free shipping, and I had no trouble with the shipping. It only took 2 days to get to me in OH, such a bummer that you had to wait for yours for so long, but I'm glad you finally got them. Yay!

    1. ya their shipping was fast!.. It sucks i didn't get them the first time.. but mistakes happen. I am so glad you like your plates! It is a great price isn't it, I love stuff with free shipping lol


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