Haulin' It Sally's Way

So I did not make it to the Memorial Day sale at Sally's.. but I did end up going a few days later.  They still have stuff on clearance that has been there for months now.. and i finally picked them up! The China Glaze Crackles and 1 Light my Tiki. Read on for the prices and swatches!

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Shopping list & prices:
  • Heel to Toe Gel Toe Separators: $2.99/ w. card $2.49
  • Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner: $4.29/ w. card $3.79
  • Nail Art Wheel: $5.99/ w. card $5.39
  • China Glaze in Light my Tiki: $1.49 (clearance)
  • China Glaze Crackles $1.99 each (clearance)
I got a good deal on the polishes =).. they had some Orly on clearance as well but they were $3.99 and I didnt want to get anything.  I was hoping to get the turquoise crackle =.= they didn't have any left!


Hope you enjoyed my Sally's haul! If you haven't picked these up already within the past couple of months.. go to your local store to snatch them up!


  1. Cracked concrete actually looks nice. I'm so hesitant when it comes to crackle, but I like the grey. The only other one I've found that I like is antiqued gold by sally hansen.

    1. =) I didn't like crackle before until I tried the China glaze metallic ones.. which are also on sale at sally's =).. They have this pretty bronze/gold one its so nice.

  2. wow! very good products *-* i want to buy this, too <3

    find your blog very cute and interesting <3
    now i am a new follower <3 visit my blog, too


    1. aww thanks!! I followed you back.. love your style =).. Maybe you should add the translator widget =).. that way I can read your blog, instead of only looking at pictures

  3. I tried the OPI black crackle when it first came out - and hated it. Those China Glaze's look much nicer. Thanks for the swatches!

    1. ooh I never tried the OPI one.. It's a bit pricey.. You should def. go to your sally's and check the clearance section for them.. that way if you don't like them you won't be as disappointed since you'll only be spending 2-3$ for each =).. I have swatches of the metallic ones as well.. just let me know if you want to see them.

  4. I'm not a big fan of crackles, but they actually have come out really nice :) xx


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