Haulin' It: Victoria's Secret

Another Haul! I know =.=.. lol.. I went to Victoria's Secret to look at their semi-annual sale.. but they didn't really have anything I was interested in.  Since some of their beauty rush makeup was 50% online.. I figured they would be in store, sadly they were regular price.  I did spot some new "gloss tints" that I did not see online and had to grab them.  If you follow me on FB then you probably saw the photos I posted about spotting them with a bad photo of the swatches haha.. I didn't want to use flash because I didn't want to get yelled at for taking pictures.. Im such a weenie lol.  Read on for swatches and more info.


3 lipglosses and 5 liptints.. but my mom took 2 of them before I could swatch.

The 2 lipglosses in the tube are really sticky as most of their lip glosses. While the lip tints are not sticky at all.  They are all have a glossy finish and give the lips a nice tint.  I think for lip tints they are pretty pigmented.  The lip tints are retractable, so no sharpening needed yay!  You also don't have to worry about the lids squishing down the tips of the tints because they have this thing inside the lid that will prevent it from going lower than already placed.  They glide on very easily as well as feel a little moisturizing.


Like most of their beauty rush products they are 2/$12 or 4/$20 or $7 each.  In total there are 6 lip tints.  I would link them to you but I do not see them on the VS website yet. 

  • My favorite ones are the Manic Pink and Blush Blush.  The knockout red is actually a true red.. I don't know why I could not catch it on camera correctly. 

  • The first picture is of the swatches and the 2nd is from the next morning.  Yes I fell asleep with the swatches still on my arm lol.  It amazes me how much was left after rolling around in my bed all night.

I fell in love with these jumbo pencil like lipsticks after trying the Tarte one.  So I'm glad that I was able to spot them at VS.  They are worth a try.. You can risk it and try them in the store before you buy them =).. Just make sure to sanitize them first.  I just swatched them on my arm and fell in love with the colors.  Did you spot these? 


  1. I got the glossy lip tint in boudoir pink and I love it! :)

    1. that is what the last one is called! lol Thanks!! That's the one my mom took =)

  2. very nice!
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