MyGlam July!

Happy Monday all!  How was your weekend?  Mine was ok.. Just did some reviews and looks for this weeks posts as well as hung out with my friend from high-school Melanie and her family =)  Well I got my MyGlam bag last week or the end of the week before.  They shipped them out pretty early.  I love the concept of this month's bag.  I know that everyone get's almost the same thing in their Glambags.. Want to see what is in mine? as well as read my thoughts?

July Bag:

I love the make-up bag that is included this month! It is so cute.. I have to say it is my favorite by far.. very fit for summer.  Since I got it, I have been taking it everywhere.. holding my phone, keys and card/cash holder when I go to the market or stores.

I also like the postcard for this month.  I think they should do photoshoots with all the girls form now on and put it on the postcards instead of one individual on the card.

Isn't it cute?  I love the rainbow stripes!

 Yes To Cucumbers: On-The-Go Facial Towelettes
I have yet to try these.. but they smell good.  I imagine that they are very soft and refreshing.  I am currently using the cucumber wipes from Big Lots and I think they might be the same thing.  I want to finish those before I start using these.

 Juice Beauty: Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer
Does not smell like green apples! lol.. It actually smells like those lemon scented bacterial wipes.. because of the scent I was hesitant to put it on my face.  However, the scent does fade.  It claims to be a light weight daily moisturizer.. WRONG!  I found it to be really thick and creamy.  It felt a bit heavy.. the weight on it lightens up after while.  Also because of it's thick and creamy consistency it is very moisturizing and don't forget that it has SPF 15!  However, for some reason my face doesn't work well with some moisturizers that contain spf.. I will have to edit this after wearing it all day... Basically, the photos below (swatches on my hand) is exactly how it looked and worked on my face. It doesnt feel right at first but after blending it all in, I like how hydrating it is.. I just wish the scent was more fresh or feminine instead of anti-bacterial wipes.. did anyone else notice the smell?

Edit:  It did not break me out!! Maybe it comes in other scents? or non-scented.

NuMe: HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner
Like most hair products it smells quite good.  I still have yet to use other hair samples I got from myglam =.=.. If only I remember I have a bunch of hair samples before I go shower lol..   The texture is very light and watery.. So I am sure it will not weigh down the hair.. but I will update this after using it.

Josie Maran: Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain
I am glad I got this over the gloss because I'm not really a gloss person anymore.  I will wear it 1 out of 10x.  At first I thought it had two lids haha, because of the packaging of the lid.  It is actually just 1..  Inside the lid is another "cover" for the stain.. so when it leaks it leaks in that little space instead of all over the main lid.  I have to say.. I love the color of this stain but.. it does take a while to get opaque and yes being a stain, you can still get it opaque instead of blotchy. 

To get it opaque you put your first layer on and wait for it to dry before putting another layer and then repeat till you are satisfied with the stain.  Being a stain it is matte, I had to add a little moisture to my lips so I added some regular lip balm.  It does stain on your lips and stay on for a while though.  I had dinner, drank water, brushed my teeth and went to sleep to wake up to some of the stain still on my lips.  What I love about stains is that they don't transfer onto anything your lips touch and this product falls into that guideline.  You can see in the photo below with the cup there is no mark left from the stain but just my covergirl lipbalm.

I think that it would be a nice color for a cheek stain but it dries too fast.  Sometimes even before I get a chance to blend it out.  It is really bright on the cheeks, remember to just dab some powder over the section you over blush to tone it down.

1 coat...

2 coat...

See anything?  I do! Just my lipbalm stain!  but do you see the Josie stain?! nope!!

 Circus by Andrea's Choice: Nail Polish in Somersault
I love nail polish.. so I was really excited to get it.  I heard that we were going to get either a white or yellow polish and I got the yellow one.  After seeing the  postcard for Andrea's Line I wish they would have did all the colors randomly, I would have loved the neon pink lol.  I do like the yellow color on my nails but I hate the consistency of the polish.  It really could have been better.  I have talked to several other glammies and they agree with me.  Some got white and some got yellow.  When I first opened it and put it on, it was very blotchy and thick.  Left streaks and took a few coats to get rid of the streaks.  If you own a nail polish thinner.. I suggest adding a few drops in.. and it will fix it.  Just a little disappointed that I had to add nail polish thinner to it while using it for the first time.I hope that they are planning on keeping her polish on the lower end of drugstore prices instead of up there with OPI and ESSIE because it does not compare at all.  If I think it is a good price I will go ahead and get the pink one and give it another try.

Overall, I think the bag was okay this month.  I love the contents of the bag and the design of the bag but I hate that they always count their brands (myglam/beauty gurus products) as part of the 5 products we get monthly.  They should have included a separate company apart from the nail polish and make that 5 and the nail polish an extra.  It's the MyGlam brushes all over again.  I hope they take this to consideration because I think most glammies including me would be happier lol.  I also would love it if they branched out to more brands.  Maybe more online makeup brands that the gurus themselves use or get sponsored by since they always seem to be too pricey for people to purchase.  Lately, I noticed that they have been giving us samples from some of the same brands that we have tried in the past..  It's not a big deal.. but it would be nice to try another brand.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. I thought it would be a nice post to start off the week. 

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