Birchbox (July 2012)

Hello!! to kick off the weekend I decided to share the contents of my birchbox!! This month they collaborated with Glamour Magazine! Want to see which box I got this month? and what is wrapped up in the tissue paper?

This month Birchbox collaborated with Glamour Magazine.  For a fashion/beauty magazine I would have thought the box would have been better.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser | $38 for Full Size
"Whish away dirt and makeup with this soap-free gel cleanser which is formulated with moisturizing soy proteins and calming rosewater"

I received 3 sample packets of this cleanser and used 1 of them last night.  It is a clear solution and very light on the face.  It slightly foams up when being used.  I have to say it cleaned my face but I still prefer my Noxema deep cleanser.  I like that it is clear and that it is very light weight as well as the ingredients in it but I like my face to feel squeaky clean so that my serums and moisturizers can sink into my skin.  This just did not do it for me.

Laura Geller Doubled Dipped Lipstick in Caribbean Kiss | $17.50 for Full Size
"This double-sided lipstick makes it easy to switch between (or layer) two golden pink pigments"

This was different.  I don't own anything like it in my lipstick collection.  I received full size and am so glad I did.  The colors are great they look well on my lips and go well with my skin tone.  I love that it has a natural color and a pink color.. blended they look great together as well.  I would say it is medium coverage on the lips I had to apply it twice to get the opacity that I wanted.  It is also hydrating (I did already have chap-stick on beforehand as always).

The top lip is the more neutral shade and the bottom lip is the pink shade.. it is with both shades mixed together

Manna Kadar sheer glo shimmer lotion | $29 for Full Size
"This illuminating liquid gives your complexion a supermodel-like sheen.  Mix it with your foundation, or apply as a highlighter"

I got a small/deluxe sample of the sheer glo.  When I first opened it, it kind of popped and squirted a bit on the top, which wasted a lot of product.  Anyhow, I think it would  make a great highlighter if you want a sheen bronze kiss glow.  It works great with foundation as well if you use very light foundation.  It's sort of like a shimmery liquid bronzer.  It has a light and thin texture to it.  Blends very smoothly as well.  I would not purchase this but I wouldn't mind another sample =).

Oscar de la Renta Live in Love | $25-58 for Full Size
"This elegant floral layers notes of hyacinth and orchid over a rich base of sandalwood and cedar"

I don't know for some reason most perfume samples are starting to smell like other brands to me lol.  I love getting perfume samples.. they just stack up on my perfume table.  I like to take them when I go on vacation or when I go out.  They fit perfectly in my little clutch bags.. which is why I love the Travalo but if you're like me and you only own 1.. then perfume samples are the way to go.

Again, I always complain about this lol.. but it's a pull off cap.. at least make it twist off, if it is not going to be a spray sample.  I am always worried that I am going to spill it lol.  It certainly does have a elegant floral scent to it.. very fresh.. kind of like a floral softener or detergent.  I like it but don't love it and would probably not buy it.

Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds | No price at the moment
"We designed these neon headphones just for you.  Pair them with your best playlist"

I am not very picky with my earphones as long as they work and they bleep out the perverts on the train or on my walk back home they are GREAT! =)...  I love the color.  I use these and the gummy bear scented ones my little brother bought me (they are so cute)!  The sound quality is not bad at all.. they do seem like they can be flimsy but I am sure if taken well care of they will last quite some time.

There you have it! I believe I had variety box 1 out of the 30-40ish different boxes BB had this month.  I am quite happy with what I got.  Even though I will not be purchasing some of the products.. I am glad I tried them.  I still stand by my previous statement about my expectations being high for the BB and Glamour collaboration. I hope they do an Allure magazine collab. soon.. since they are mainly makeup oriented =).  Next month I should have enough points to get something I want from the birchbox shop.. what do you think?  zoya blogger trio? or benefit posie tint? I want all of benefit tints ><.. lol mainly the posie, cheeky and high beam =.=.. too bad I missed out on the cheeky minis set!  Anyhow.. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. what did you get in your birchbox?!! If you did a post on it.. feel free to share your link to the post in the comments below.. I would love to see it!


  1. Oooh you got the lipstick, it looks pretty on you!! I just sent you a message on FB about the shimmer glo lotion :)

  2. I love your box, Im jealous! I have a post about all the birchbox in my blog if you want to take a look


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