Julep Maven Box (July 2012)

I am so excited for this month's Julep "Classic with a twist" box! The colors definitely fit me and are colors I would buy if I saw them in the store.  This month they gave us a lipgloss and 2 polishes and also added an extra polish and some firecracker/ball candies!  Wanna see swatches and information of the contents in the box?

 *Please click on any of the images to see the larger version*

The packaging is actually smaller than the normal box.  I love it.  It fits into my mailbox perfectly.  Now I have no worries about missing my package and the postman leaving it at the door.

Love this little card =) I keep it pinned to my calendar.

Julep Nail polishes
 Like I said in the beginning love these polishes!! I used America for my fourth of July Nails!!

  •  Audrey, Freida, America (alone), America (over Glenn)
  •   America (alone), Freida, Audrey, America (over Glenn)

Julep Lip Gloss in Camellia
  This month Julep decided to follow the latest trend.  Matching lips and nails, so they added a lip-gloss.  I love the color of the lip-gloss.  It is a light sheer pink with little shimmer.  The tip is easy to handle and gives precise application because of it is thin lip brush.  The texture of the lip-gloss is sticky =( and looks better over lipstick than alone.  I would have preferred a lipstick but that is my own preference because I like lipsticks over lip-glosses.  However, some people are the opposite =)

 And here are the Atomic Fireballs!! they included 3! They sure are spicy! lol.. I have to give them away to my little brother because I just could not handle them ><.. nice additions to the box though.  I could not have asked for better extras candy and an extra polish (America).  Also, just in time for Independence Day!  They shipped really fast.

If you are still not a Julep Maven yet and are interested the promo code I had in my previous Julep post is still available for the penny box! "please use my referral link "http://julep.com/?r=18333646" and use the code "MAVENINTRO" at checkout.  Yes, I said a PENNY! For the box and the shipping all for a single PENNY!!"

If you are already a Julep Maven.. What box did you get?  How are you liking your polishes!! Did you get America or O'Canada?  I will see you guys in a later post! Don't forget to check out my previous post as well!  Have a good weekend and I will see you guys on Monday!


  1. These colors look really nice. I love the sparkly red one

  2. Oh how I wish this box was available in the UK!!

    I love nail polish, and this would be so much better than the likes of Glossybox :(

    Just found you through Brightside Blog Hop, now following!
    Maybe you could check out my blog too, maybe follow back? I'd be really grateful!

    Laura xx


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