Make "Her" Up: Ching

This is part 2 of the Make "Her" Up series!  As stated in my previous post, I had a sleep over at my house a few weekends ago.  Yes yes, 24 years old and still having sleep overs! haha.. This past semester everyone was busy so we didn't get to hand out or have lunch much but since the semester is over, we decided to have a sleep over and hang out with makeovers and manicure sessions.  Of course, I did everything lol!.. I need a beauty friend to do my makeup and nails! =.=  Read on for her look.

Product List:
I will put a list of what I can remember to used, since I wasn't really paying attention haha.

Lid: Mac Satellite Dreams
Outer Corner: Shadowy Lady
Liner: Wet N Wild: Green from Fauna palette
Lower Lash-line: Mac Woodwinked
Inner Corner: Vanilla Pigment

I did not use mascara or false lashes or foundation on her face like I normally would because she has really sensitive skin and I didn't want to mess with that.  Her cheeks are naturally flushed red =)

 Close ups:

Extra Fun Photos:

I hope you guys enjoyed the look I did on my friend Ching and her extra photos playing around with some wigs =)  Stay tuned for my friend Tiffany's Look!


Thank you for reading, I would love to read your comments ♥

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