Make Me Up: July 4th Edition Part. 2

I thought the 1st look would have been a little too dramatic for people to wear out =).. So I came up with this look.  It's very similar to the first but a little less dramatic.  If you have been a follower for a while now, then you know I love smokey eyes.  I think that doing a smokey eye makes my eyes pop out more because I have small eyes and little lid space =).

Read on for product information and more photos =).

Product List:
Elf: 100 palette (looks like the 144)
Mac: Vanilla Pigment (Pressed)
  • If you don't have this pigment or shadow but you do have the palette, you can use the 4th shade in the 1st vertical row.
Maybelline Mousse Blush in Peach Satin
Nyx Pencil Liners in: White, Plush Red and Dark Blue
Ebay False Lashes & Rhinestones

The Look:

I have no idea what that thick line near my inner corner is.. I don't remember doing my eyeliner thick.  Oh well, please ignore it lol.  The numbers on my lid correspond with the numbers on the product photos.  I did not realize that Vanilla would come up yellowish in photos.  It looks more like a shimmery white in person.

More Photos:

Here it is with the patriotic lips!

..and now with regular lipbalm

Full Face & Look From to Previous Post:

I hope you enjoyed this more wearable look! I recommend wearing this look if you are going out for the night or a party with friends =). Stay tuned for the nails post to this July 4th Edition.


  1. I really like this super pretty.

  2. It looks so beautiful! Definitely going to try it out someday! Found your blog through the brightside blog hop. Please check out my blog!

  3. Very pretty look as usual! Also, congrats on the tremendous growth of your following! It's well deserved as you are talented, creative, and your blog is so fun to read! If you don't mind me asking, what photo editing software do you use? Your pictures always look fabulous! I am trying to learn photoshop myself but it's very complicated as a beginner user, lol. Thanks!

    1. Hey Kristen.. I actually have to thank my camera for the wonderful pictures lol.. I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to crop my photos as well as the contrast and brightener for my sneakpeek photos (first photo of each post).. Then I use GIMP (like photoshop but free) to watermark and label my photos =).. You can do everything in gimp though lol.. It takes some getting use to but I recommend it. You can DL extra brushes and addons for it as well.

      Thank you for your comment!! Soo sweet I think I blushed lol!

    2. You're very welcome! My niece actually recently recommended I check out GIMP as well, so I guess I'll be doing just that when I get some more free time. Thanks so much for sharing!


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