Make Me Up: Rainbow Eyeliner

Product List:
Eyes: Mac:
  • ELF 100 Palette (colors that are labeled)
  • Mac: gorgeous gold, freshwater, satellite dreams
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie
Lashes: Eylure Naturalites
Blush: Mac well dressed mixed with stereo rose
Top Liner: Marbella

The Look:

For a smooth effect you want to blend each color lightly into each other.  The red and orange will blend to a slight pink.. the yellow and green will make a lighter green.. or you can just skip the green and blend the blue and yellow to make a slight green.

It helps if you have colorful eyeliners and start with those to guide your shadow.  Also, use a white or another light pencil liner to outline the shape you want your eyeliner.

More Photos:

I hope you guys enjoyed this look.  I was inspired by davenmayeda's video on youtube.  If you are not like me and like to follow videos instead of photos def. check his video out.  At first I thought I wouldn't wear it out.. it was too bold.. but once finishing the look I did wear it out to the market. I received many compliments.  I think its bold but subtle at the same time, it's better doing a rainbow liner than a full rainbow eye look and wearing it in public, in my opinion.  If you are just going shopping or to the store and want something funky, this is perfect =).  I would like to say "gotta taste the rainbow" but I'll admit I like starbursts better =)


  1. I love how this turned out. I can never do this.

  2. Gorgeous! It looks really good on you :-)

  3. Love this! I will definitely have to try this out. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. Found you on beautylish, love this makeup look ;)
    Makeup by Rachel


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