Robin Momoji Inspired Fishtail Nail!

Momoji HQ was having a Collaboration Nail Art contest with NYX Cosmetics.  I was introduced to it my my friend Melissa (lilyelement)..  She collects them =).  They are cute little resin message dolls.  They have a bunch of different kinds that would fit anyones personality!  Anyhow the idea was to pick any Momoji doll and use anything from the colors and patterns as inspiration for the nail design.  Want to see more photos? as well as the product info?

Momoji Robin (Inspiration):


Plain white and gold...

before the dots...

and final result...

Product List:
  • China Glaze White on White
  • Color Club: Disco Nap
  • E.L.F: Fire Coral
  • Gold Nail Art Striping Tape
  • Dotting Tools

I hope you enjoyed my nails for the contest.  I also hope that I captured Robin into my nail design well.  Have you ever heard of Momoji? or own one?  I would like to own one.. They are so cute! lol.. It would be a nice decoration somewhere in my room.. lol! I have too many "decorate" items.  I will see you all on Monday! Next week teasers?! Influenster box! possibly Myglam and birchbox as well and a giveaway =)


  1. Yayyy! Sad you didn't win, but still a beautiful job you did <3

    1. I know right?!! next time!! lol i should have printed out a momoji and took a photo with it lmao!.. thank you!

  2. it sucks that you didn't win, but omg, those designs are sooo pretty!!


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