Back to School: Must Haves (Beauty Edition)

So I know some people have already started school this week.  I don't start till the 27th.  So I thought of doing a back to school segment.  It will include products that you can/should be useful all year round.  This segment will be focusing on beginning of the school year (summer).  The first edition I will be posting about will be beauty products!..  Wanna see what products I recommend everyone to have? and some tips I have to offer you?

A must have to start off the school is of course polished nails and toes!  Since school starts usually towards the end of summer.. why not choose a fun summer color before you bring out the lovely fall polishes.  My favorites are:
  • China Glaze: Fast Track
  • Essie: Splash of Grenadine
  • Wet n Wild: I Need a Refreshmint
  • Color Club:  Dance for France
I picked a few pretty summer colors and for those that like to tone it down I chose the china glaze and color club one =)  If you want to give your nails some dazzle go get you some dotting tools and dot away! a toothpick or dried up pen will work too! or do a gradient glitter.. or if you really want to go bold and or be the it girl for nails.. get some nail art stamping plates!  Then again.. there are those scotch tape nail arts.. super cute.. I saw one my cousin did on instagram.. very cute!

TIP: For long lasting nail color be sure to seal the tip of your nails at the end of each topcoat application as well as reapply a topcoat every other day.  If you tend to change your nails as often as I do.. don't worry about it!

I don't know about you.. but when I was in highschool I didn't wear perfume.  Maybe body spray here and there.. but I never carried it with me to school because it did not make sense to carry a full bottle of spray.  That is what this little bad boy is for!  The Travalo is a great product that holds your perfume/body spray for on the go spritz if you don't have your favorite scent in a perfume sample.  Some of my favorite perfumes/sprays are:
  • Vera Wang: Princess (original)
  • Bath and Body: Carried away
  • Victoria Secret: any of the summer sprays.. they smell good but I am still holding off on getting them ><
If you don't wear this stuff that often.. then just use a nice scented lotion.. but make sure it keeps your skin moisturized.  For highschool girls I honestly don't recommend wearing any of this stuff.. not because you probably have gym/PE.. but because the natural scent from your body probably smells good enough.. don't forget your shampoo has enough scent.  I don't know about you but most of the time.. my leave in conditioner (aussie) is usually good enough =).

TIP: I recommend spritzing on your wrists.. behind your ears.. and a little on your neck.. I also like to mist a little on my chest area when I am dressed.. that way the scent is on my cloths and will lasts longer throughout the day.. 

Can't start school with dry lips.. since you will be socializing with many people.. including that guy you had a crush on all last year.  For lip color.. I like to recommend pink neutrals.. that way they blend well with your natural lip color.  I like to wear lip tints.  They are very subtle but can be pigmented as well.  One of the reasons I really like lip tints is you don't have to reapply it as much as you would with a regular lip stick.  Some of my favorites are:
  • Nivea lip balms: milk & honey
  • EOS: summer fruit
  • Victoria Secret Lip tint: manic pink & Sun goddess
  • Mac Liptint: Fuchsia
  • Loreal beyond natural: Neutral pink
  • Revlon Lip Butters: pink truffle, strawberry shortcake, sweet tart
TIP: If you decide to wear lipstick or lip tints, don't forget to moisturize your lips with Vaseline or a chap-stick.. lipsticks and liptints are known to seep into the lines and cracks of your lips (even worse when they are dry).. so be sure to prep them correctly.. think of it as primer for your lips..

Concealer.  Especially for those mornings you have really dark circles because you stayed up the night before.  Come on, usually when school starts we are still in summer mode not use to waking up early.. so of course you have dark circles.. also it brightens your eyes and hides your blemishes.  Concealer is great because most of the time.. that is all you really need.  These are the only concealers I own and I have to say I really like them.  They are creamy and have great coverage.  They are also buildable.
  • Dalton Cosmetics Conceal it Concealer in Medium & Light
  • Sheer Cover Concealer: medium/light
TIP:  The best way to apply concealer for me is to dab.. do not blend in by spreading it.. just keep lightly dabbing it with your "ring finger.. because it has the most delicate touch out of all your fingers".. it will make it more natural and conceal better without having to use any extra products.  If you need more than concealer for your face.. use a light tinted moisturizer or add your own moisturizer to your foundation.. that way it hydrates your skin and blends in better without looking cakey.  TIP #2:  If it looks like you put a little to much cake on your face.. grab a slightly damped makeup sponge and start patting around that area.. it will help blend and thin out the foundation in that area.

 Also blush is nice for those days that your face looks completely dull.  Meaning, you look super tired or your skin just looks tired even though you're not.  When I use to work at Macy's and go to FIDM @ the same time... classes in the morning before my morning shift at Macy*s I would use light concealer, mascara, eyeliner and blush to brighten my look.  With the concealer and eye make up my face still looked dull so I would use blush to bring some color to my face.  Also you can just lightly pinch your cheeks if you want a more natural flush.. but it won't last =).  Everyone should have these blushes.. well similar shades I mean.. A light pink, peach and slight bronze shimmer.  These are my go to blushes:
  • Mac: Well Dressed, Mineralized Blush in Warm soul, Peachy Keen
  • Maybelline Mousse Blush: Pink frosting and peachy keen
  • any cheek stain will give a natural look
TIP:  As I stated in a previous post if you accidentally over blush just brush a little loose or press powder over your cheeks and it will tone it down. For a natural look brush it on the apples of your cheeks.. for a contoured look brush it on the sides of your cheeks up to your temples.

At first I wasn't sure why these were so hyped up.. but now I know.. and I do have 2 favorites.  Everyone knows I love neutral shades.. and the must haves for these color tattoos are Bad to the Bronze and tough as taupe!.. They are great for those 5 minute makeup days.  Bad to the Bronze makes a great eye liner as well.. especially on the bottom lash line. They last quite long and are finger friendly.. Meaning you don't need brushes to apply or blend them.

Quick Makeup: I like to use Tough as Taupe all over my lid and dab a little Bad to the Bronze in the center of my lids and brush it on my lower lash line for a quick 5-10 minute makeup situation.  Great for those times you wake up late or just want a little extra sleep.

Also must haves are neutral palettes.. you know I love neutrals.. so I have a bunch of neutral palettes laying around.. if you don't have a single neutral palette you are missing out.  Neutral palettes are great because they don't add any dramatic color to your eyes (unless its a smokey eye).. they can be used to simply enhance your look with little work.  Browns, taupes, coppers and shimmery highlights are my favorites!  Here are my favorites:
  • Maybelline: Chai Latte
  • Revlon: Moonlit
  • Pixi: Nude Shade Wardrobe

This is my all time favorite quad.. Maybelline chai latte.. its my go to everyday/morning..  I really need to pick another one up to keep in my car for emergency touch ups lol...

Revlon in moonlit is a pretty neutral quad with darker shimmery shades that lean more towards the taupe side.. I don't really like the grainy feel of the shimmer.. but its pretty pigmented and works well enough to be an everyday go to..

Pixi nude wardrobe..This little bad girl is a new edition to my collection.. courtesy to Joyce for her giveaway... I would have never tried this brand.. I am glad I did because I love the shadows.. They feel silky/velvety and are pretty pigmented.. You can find this brand at target.. but not sure if they still have this palette.. It is currently on hautelook for $12 (8/16/12)..

You can't forget the eyeliner or mascara.. but I currently don't have a favorite mascara.. Still on the hunt for a good one.. and as for eyeliner.. I misplaced mine and can't find it.. but I love the Almay color stay one.. I own the black and the brown one.

TIP:  For wider more awake eyes use a white or peachy eyeliner on your waterline.  For a more natural look use a brown shadow to blend/smudge your eyeliner.  Also a matte look on your lid and a single shimmery color (copper, highlight, bronze) on your lower lash line will also open your eyes a little more and bring a little glow to the eyes.

I hope you enjoyed the products I picked and the tips I shared. Pick up some of these products if you haven't yet.  Just so you know these are some of my favorite products.. I love to grab again and again.  Stay tuned for more posts for my Back to School segment.  Were you the one that dreaded going back to school after the summer? or were you the one that was bored during the summer and could not wait to get back to school? I was #2!  I missed my friends.. and felt more active at school than home.  Now that I'm in college I just dread it but of course I need to go for that AA and BA! Hi Ho Hi Ho... It's back to school we go!


  1. OMG can't bealieve school starts so early there! I am Italian and live in Italy, and I've always started school (from primary to high school) in the second week of SEPTEMBER! How can you go to school in august?! And by the way, our school ends for summer holidays on the second week of June so we do nearly 3 months of summer holidays!
    By the way have an happy bach to school. I am at university right now, and next fall I'll graduate and then my "adult" life will start! HUGS^^

    1. ooh wow.. We use to start school in september.. but then they began to start earlier and earlier each year lol. ooh I think school usually ends the 3rd week of june here.. but they get long winter vacations I think.. my brother is still in HS lol

      ooh yay!! Early congrats on graduating in fall!! I still have to get my BA after that. but I should have my AA the end of spring =)

      Thanks for reading -hugs-!

  2. Wow, I have so many of the products you mentioned, it's pretty funny!
    Makeup by Rachel

    1. yay!! lol.. I like to pick stuff everyone can get.. Some people over look drugstore stuff though.. good thing you have most of them! =)


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