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Hey guys.. My blog will be down for a bit and I will be MIA!.. School is starting soon and I want to get everything together before then.. also. many of you know about my laptop "reformat" dilemma.. unfortunately I was not able to save anything before the re-format (I know why didn't I back anything up.. basically lazyness).. I am in the process of re-downloading all the programs/fonts/brushes and redoing the looks I did and had ready before the re-formating as well as photos for reviews I was planning on posting =.=.. - sigh-  Well this taught me a good lesson.. will be buying an external hard-drive to back up my stuff.  I can't even remember all the songs I had on this thing lol.

oh don't worry about the giveaway as well! I am still going over the entries.. and will pick a winner soon! =).. I will also me social on twitter on facebook.. while not blogging!  See you there!


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