Make Me Up: Beauty Ad Inspired

I am so happy I am back!! I did make a few posts before this.. but they were sponsored by Influenster and I didn't want to put my private stuff in that post.  Anyhow, follow me on facebook or twitter? then you already know that my laptop's usb charger stopped working, so I had to get a new one.  I could have gotten it faster but I wanted to make sure I got the right one and that it worked for my laptop.  There are so many different kinds on ebay and amazon.. some for really cheap and some expensive.. Sometimes the cheap ones aren't that great and the same goes for the expensive ones.. just a tip: always read the reviews before purchasing.  I am glad I bought the right charger.. I also bought a spare battery in-case.  That basically explains why I did not post all last week!

Now this look is from an ad I saw in my Chinese beauty magazine.. I just had to do it.. it looked so pretty on the girl.  Also I received a few products from Dalton Cosmetics that I decided to try.. so why not use them for this look? I did just that!! Wanna see more photos of the look? and what products I used?


 Product List:

  • Dalton Cream Eyeliner: Plum Fantasy
  • Dalton Cream Eyeliner: Emerald
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo: Bad to Bronze (my favorite.. must have)
  • Random Highlight Shadow
Lips: Vaseline
Lashes: Elf Dramatic
Blush: Dalton Soft Matte Blushing Powder
Black Liner: Cover girl Perfect Point Plus

The Look:
In order to get the sharp line that forms a V with the purple and green, I used tape.  You can use a post it as well as it sticks well.. or if you have a steady hand you don't need anything at all.

More Photos:
Please excuse my skin in these photos.. my skin broke out like crazy during the time I was doing a few make up looks.  It was excessively dry and since I ran out of my moisturizer I decided to use some of the samples Ive been getting in my beauty boxes.. BAD IDEA I GUESS... but no worries.. I will be ordering from Acne.Org soon to test out their products for a review.. hopefully they live up to their hype.  Oh also you will be seeing a preview to the next make-up look.. I am sure Ive done a similar look before.. but I used different products and it was inspired by the same ad I saw in the Chinese magazine, I had to mimic it.

Also please, excuse my foundation not matching my skin.. The foundation I was sent by a company was a bit lighter than my skin tone.. or it just did not set yet.  Most of the time it takes some time before a foundation sets correctly to the tone of your skin.. I swear it looked just fine in my room and bathroom.. then again it was around 11pm lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look!  It really isn't as dramatic as it seems... It's actually very wearable and I really like it.  I would def. go out with this look if I had anywhere to go lol!.. If you have any beauty questions feel free to ask me in the comments section below because I want to do a FAQs post about beauty =).  Whether it is about products or how to apply something.. or just something you simply do not understand.. there are no stupid questions.. just no answers if you don't ask =)


Thank you for reading, I would love to read your comments ♥

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