MyGlam August!

August Myglam!  As you can see the bags are getting better and better.  The products are ehh.. ok but getting better I guess.  This month I have never heard of any of the brands in my bag except for Andrea choice's nail polish brand.  Wanna see my thoughts on the products in the bag? as well as more photos?!

August Bag:

I know I have said this the past few times.. but I love the post card this month too!! It's so cute.. Honestly, I didn't know it was suppose to me Michelle Phan until I saw the signature on the bottom right corner.  Either way it's very cute.  As usual the back of the card states what products you will or may get in your bag.. without prices.. I really wish they would put prices.

The bag itself is adorable!! The fabric is completely different than any other bag we have received.  I can't really state what the fabric is.. but it's kind of like a rubbery  shelf liner kind of feel.  It is also orange and pink!  A wonderful combo.

eclos plane-based beauty: Cellular Activator Facial Serum

"Plant Stem Cell technology in this lightweight liquid awakens dormant skin cells, making them behave like young skin cells. Unique PhytoPlex™ plant extracts help visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Skin quickly becomes smoother, softer,
more youthful looking" - Eclos website
I used this product in the morning today (8/18/12).  It is lightweight but I did not feel my skin getting softer or smoother but remember that it is just the first time applying it.  I will have to see if it changes after constant use.

eclos plane-based beauty: Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream

"The latest in Plant Stem Cell technology helps protect skin’s ability to renew itself. The result? Sagging skin tightens. Wrinkles are postponed. Combined with PhytoPlex24™ anti-oxidants for the ultimate in aging defense." - Eclos website

It is also known to brighten the skin.  I did use this in the morning with the previous product.  I have to say that my skin did look a little brightened and it was moisturized.  The cream felt good on my skin.. but I don't recall it tightening my skin.. then again I don't really have any sagging.  My skin is still in pretty good condition minus some acne and acne scars but there aren't really any wrinkles or sagging.  Anti-aging products are great to start using though once you hit 21 I think because that is when your skin starts to stress because you're stressing about college or work and bills.  I do like this product.. and will wait to see what it will do with constant use before deciding to purchase it.

DEMETER Fragrance Library: Roll on Perfume Oil in dragon fruit

"Fresh from the vine, Dragon Fruit is created with leafy green notes intertwined with juicy Dragon Fruit, citrus zest and soft floral and wood hints" Demeter Website

I love the fact that it is a roll on perfume.. and the fruity scent is marvelous.  It reminds me of one of my stash tea scents lol.  I cannot see it as a perfume though.. moves more towards a scent that fills a room instead.  Like one of those bath and body products.  Then again.. it would also be more passed as a shampoo or body wash scent.. so I have no problem with it.  It can be a bit strong at times... so you really only need 1 or 2 roll ons.

S.a.l.t.y Cosmetics: Glama-ZOID!

"Here it is!!! Yeah! This exclusive MyGlam CUSTOM BLENDED shadow is NOW available!  Get yours before it runs out! This is a stunning pigment, iridescent with tons of luxurious reflects that when worn will reflect different shades from violet to pinks depending on your skin tone. On lighter skin it will have more of a pink reflection and darker tones can enjoy a more violet reflection." S.a.l.t.y cosmetics website

We got a small lovely mineral eyeshadow sample from s.a.l.t.y cosmetics.  This color was custom made for myglam subscribers and is now available for sale on their website to everyone.  I believe everyone received the same color Glama-ZOID!  Before I start on the color and swatches.  I have to say that the lid kind of sucks on this jar.  When I received my glam bag the lid was off of the jar.. thank goodness for the sealing that the pigment did not fall everywhere like others ><.

Now for the shadow.. it starts off as a pretty white/cream color pigment and blends into a faded sheen pink.  It will go nicely onto the lid or lower lash line =)  I don't think it is a luxury mineral eyeshadow.. it's ok.. then again I've only swatched it on my hand..

Circus by Andrea's Choice: in Spectacle

I was so sad.. I really wanted the pink one.  I have been wanting a neon pink =.=.  I don't think this color compliments my skin tone or hands well.  Then again I may not be use to it.  I don't like the color at all but I know other people do.  However, the consistency of this polish is a lot better than the yellow one from last month bag.  It is thinner and more watery, instead of super thick.  So it is easier to apply.  It also dries into a matte look but of course if you don't like matte just put a regular top coat and it should be glossy.  I think it would be great paired with other colors or as a stamping polish.. because the color is just not me.

MyGlam Glam Gloss: in 02

This was the mystery product that myglam was keeping secret from us.  Yes, another myglam brand product.  I am so happy that they decided to add it as a bonus instead of one of the 4 or 5 products we already get in the bag.  Good thing they listened to the glammies on that and took it into consideration.  This product also came with a pink thank you for being a glammie glama-gram but I forgot to take the photo.

I like the gloss.. its like a nice tint.  The color is pretty and the tube is wide.  I like the packaging, especially the cap.. it's very cute.  As for the wand.. it is clear so you can see the tip of the brush connected to it.  If you touch it or swatch it.. it will feel or look flimsy to you (I thought the same thing at first).  However, once you apply it and use it on your lips then it no longer feels flimsy.  It works just fine.  Actually because the brush on the wand bends slightly makes it easier for precise application.

It is a watermelon type color with pretty shimmers in it.  Like any lip-gloss it does have a sticky feeling to it.. but a light stickiness.  It doesn't really have a strong taste or scent to it either, just something very mild.  Remember it is a gloss not a stain, so it does transfer =)..

What products did you get in your glambag?! same colors and products?  I wonder what other items they are coming out with.  I heard that Andrea's Choice's nail polish line is a myglam brand as well but just has her name as the label.  What do you think about that? is it true?  I wonder if they will be adding more nail polishes next month.  I wish they kept track of what they send glammies in their glambags.  It would have been nice to send out the other colors from the line to glammies.  Like this month I got orange it would be nice to get pink next month and the ones that got pink get orange.  Oh well.. we can't all pick what we want right? if we wanted to then we would have joined beautyarmy lol.

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