NOTD: DIY Dried Flowers

I shared a photo from my Instagram 2 weeks ago about a diy dried flowers nail look.  I have seen dried flowers at sally's in a glass case and weren't sure what they were.. then I started seeing people on YouTube doing this trend.  I really like it.. it gives a very girly, romantic look to nails.  Wanna see how you can achieve this look?! and see more photos?

What You will Need:
A pair of scissors.. any will do.. a plastic bag or ziploc bag, a book or 2 pieces of paper and any polish of your choice.

I basically went around my neighborhood walking around a few blocks and cutting small flowers that would fit my nails..  I live around apartments, so they usually don't care if I cut their flowers.. since they are small and they have a lot.  If you live around houses or are scared.. just ask your neighbor if you can cut a few small flowers for your nails.  You can probably find some at your local park.. I really wanted to get small sunflowers/daisies but I couldn't find any.  That is the free way to get this nail look.. but if you want.. you can always go by a small pot from home depot.. the small flowers (depending on what you want) range from $2-$10.  You can also grow them in a small pot if you have a balcony or backyard.. or direct sunlight through your kitchen window.

Each time I cut the flowers I made sure they fell into the bag.. so that no plant bugs (if there were any) would get on me and I cut any flowers I thought were pretty.. keep in mind that not all flowers will dry pretty...  the white and light blue flowers I cut dried with ugly brown edges.. and the pretty fuchsia one i have didn't cut off correctly.

when you get home.. place your book or paper where you will be cutting the flowers.  Try to cut as close to the bud as possible without cutting the petals...

I used an old textbook.. place your flowers in your book.. or you can place it on a piece of paper and  place another paper on top.. then place a few books on top.  Let dry for several hours.. I let mine dry for a day or 2.. because I kind of forgot about them lol...

This is what they should look like after being dried.. use tweezers to pick them up but be careful.. the center of my flowers were sort of stuck to the some petals came off the flowers.. you want to be very careful at this stage when peeling them off the paper..

How to:
Here is the guide on how I did my nails.
  1. Paint your nails and let them completely dry.
  2. Place the flower on your nail to see if the flower fits.. or adjust to your liking.
  3. After finding out how I wanted my flower.. I cut off the excess I did not want.. 
    1. I recommend patting some water on your nail so that the flower does not slip off.. the water helped it stay in place for the time I needed it to.
  4. Once you are all done.. Seal it with your favorite top coat.. and voila!

Nails Part I:
This is what I did to my left hand.. I wanted to add some sparkle to my nails..  BTW my pinky and middle finger.. was done the week before.. They are the same flowers I used.. but I let them sit out several days before placing them in the book to let them dry.. as well as left them in the book longer.. that is why the color is different.

Nails Part I:
My right hand I did more sparkle then flowers =)

My Product List:
  • Color Club: Normadic in Nuce
  • JLB Purple Glitter

I hope you guys enjoyed this look.. I really like this idea and look.. It's a great manicure to end the summer and bring on the fall.. also.. if you want to do this in fall you totally can!  Just add in some fall colors =).. you can also do it to brighten up your fall outfits!


  1. What a cool idea! And very pretty - you inspire me to try it too sometime.

    1. aww you are too sweet!! def. try it! it will look great!

  2. Such a great idea and very unique I love your creativity.

  3. this is so pretty! :D i am going to try this! yay!


  4. Very pretty mani. I have some dried small flowers that I picked myself waiting for me at my mom´s place. I really have to start using them :P

  5. Wow this is gorgeous! Very innovative!

  6. O how pretty!!!!! I guess its time to find me some flowers.


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